Monday, June 07, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Where has All the Stitching Gone?

1. Do you give away any of your finished stitching as gifts?
I gave away almost everything I did for the first 10 years I stitched. Now I am concentrating on stitching for myself, with the occasional marriage or birth sampler finding its way onto the stitching pile. I have a vision of having a sort of seasonal wall where pieces get switched out monthly, quarterly and seasonally. So, after I whittle down the UFO pile, I'll be concentrating on that.
2. Do you sell any of your finished stitching?
No. My mom was a quilter, and after she did just one quilt on commission (and she owned the shop) I know you just can’t recoup your costs. Who wants to get paid $1/hour—if you’re lucky!
3. Do you give any of your stitching away to charities?
I haven’t, although a group of alumnae discuss having an online auction every once in a while. I’m ready with the perfect pattern.
4. Do you keep any of your stitching for yourself?
Yes, these days.
5. Do you stitch anything as part of exchanges or round robins?
I tried twice. Once the person after me kept everything, so I never got my stitching back. Then the other one never got off the ground. So I’m done with round robins.

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