Wednesday, September 10, 2003


I went to three general magazine shops last night to see if I could find the new ornament issue, but to no avail. I might try B&N tonight, otherwise I'll have to wait until Saturday to get to my LNS.

So here's the review of 2001.

I haven't stitched any of these. But I've marked 25 that I'd like to stitch. My favorite is by Sisters and Best Friends. They thought that their snowman looks so much like their father that they included his picture instead of their own. They're right.

There are a number of ornaments in this issue that use different techniques. Quite a number of hardanger ornaments and an Assissi snowman by Twisted Threads.

The weird ones include a rooster pulling Santa in a sleigh that is strangely attractive. There are of course the Christmas cow, the Christmas racoon, and the Christmas panda bear. These I will not research further. If you have Christmas cows and racoons and panda bears, that's just your problem, isn't it? One does have to appreciate the panda on some level, perhaps a rather low-brow one; the designer made it for her daughter, newly adopted from China. Sweet, but I hope she learns more about Chinese culture for her daughter's sake. There are lots of teddies, including the frightening "Cherished Teddy" series. Who collects this
crap? Dragon Dreams, I hate to single her out, but this obsession with
dragons! You need a sleeping dragon ornament, don't you?

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