Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wabbit's Wonder

Another one begun for Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge and unstitched upon for nearly two years. I gave little Wabbit his cotton tail and started outlining the heart that encompasses him.

The further I get into this one-a-day stitching experiment, the more I regret not winning the lottery so I can just retire and stitch! So many fabulous pieces, so little time. I'm definitely going to have to rethink the rotation for next year. And I don't know how I am going to pick just ten. Especially when I have a couple of new starts I want to make! 😧


Robin in Virginia said...

Yay, Wabbit has a tail. What color fabric are you using? I think your Molly rotation worked well for you in 2016. Perhaps, you could do a modified Molly rotation.

Linda said...

Love the fabric Nikki.


Bea said...

Beautiful fabric. I'm no help for rotations - i'm lucky if mine last for a month!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is very cute!
How about adding a "30 minute a day" project into the rotation? So you have one project you work on every day until it is done in addition to the daily rotation.
Or if time is tight, a 10 minute a day!