Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

If someone could tell me where the last few weeks have gone, I'd be indebted. Things are super busy at work (five projects due before December). It just saps my energy. What's more, I realized I had only read six books for my Goodreads challenge (of only 15). So I picked up Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. That'll keep you involved! Anyway, no time for stitching or blogging. 

October Review
I didn't really set out goals because of the cluster that was the beginning of the month (starting with being stranded in Tennessee an extra day because of the rain on the east coast). But my goal was to stitch a small (decorative gourds), finish Sadie's stocking, and possibly stitch on an autumnal piece in the WIP basket.

I did get sidetracked by Cinnamon Stars. I love the colors of this one so much. Although I started this one for Debbie's Crazy January, I am discovering that I do not have all the colors I need. (How surprising...) That's kept me focused on finishing the front of the house where I started. That's definitely a strategy for staying focused!

But I'm back to work on Sadie's stocking because, well, these kids are too cute to disappoint. (And I'm missing one color and ran out of another.) (Story of my life!)

November Goals
I had hoped to spend November working on a different project every day for NaBloPoMo but I really need to focus. I know, I'm disappointed too. But I'll try to knock out Sadie's stocking so that I can pick up the challenge of something new every day.

And yet, when I think of the things that need doing next month, like finishing the Christmas cards, the silent auction (that old chestnut), and the Thanksgiving celebration, I'm not sure this is a reasonable goal. 

Yes, suddenly I'm going to make reasonablegoals!


Beth said...

Reasonable goals...who knew there were such things as attainable goals!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm with Beth! They're more kind of guidelines LOL
Lovely photo of the stripy ones.

Robin said...

The girls are adorable in their stripes. Sorry you ran out of thread for the stocking, but it is looking good. Best wishes on what you would like to accomplish this month!

Robin in Virginia

Linda said...

Those girls are adorable Nikki. Nice progress on your stitching.


Bea said...

If you must add new words to your vocabulary, don't make them silly ones!
You are progressing nicely - good luck with it all.