Friday, May 01, 2015


Well, hello!

You would think I would be more rested than I am, after taking a huge break from the blog and crafting. But I was busy. Looking back over my calendar last month, there are very few blank days. So many things and none of them crafting! I had hoped to finish that stand up, but it mocks me from the ironing board where it seems to have taken up residence.

The best news to come out of last month was I hired a new cleaner! She came and did a "spring cleaning" and let me tell you, as we went around the house putting everything back in its correct spot (don't you hate when people take your elegantly angled furniture and line it up against the wall?) we opened the dude's closet to see...the closet floor! I'm pretty sure we haven't seen that since we pulled up the kelly green shag carpeting when we moved in! She exceeded my wildest expectations; let's hope she can remember to lock all the doors week in and week out. (She's actually only coming every other week, so that doubles her chances, right?)

To help me get back on track, I offer these goals for May:

  • Finish (and frame) the babies' birth samplers for their birthday next month.
  • Knit the damn baby dresses. Remember how I thought I was so clever because I chose the one year size--I was giving myself So.Much.Time to get these projects done? Well, Sugar Rea is in the 98% for height! WTF, babies? Stop growing!
  • Entertain my MIL while she visits. (Now you see why I managed to hire a housekeeper!)
Happy May Day!
(This is my college, in the old days. They still run 'round the Maypoles.)


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I want a cleaner! She can straighten the furniture as much as she wants if only she cleans!

The babies are a year old soon? Where has that year gone?

Robin said...

Woohoo on hiring a cleaning lady! I would love one to have one, but have yet to convince the husband. I do hope she works out for you. Wow, I can't believe the twins will be turning one next month. Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Linda said...

Love the old picture Nikki.


Margaret said...

lolol! Yes, I can see why you managed to hire a housecleaner. lol! I panic every time my father and stepmother come to visit. Yikes! Hope she works out for you. I'd love to hire someone but I have no excuse.

Beth W said...

Congrats on finding good help! And hey, baby miniskirts...that's ok, right? Good luck finishing, and with the usual balance if everything. I hope you've got some personal happy stuff going on as well.

Maggie said...

Good luck with your May goals :-)

I could never hire a cleaner, I'm way too much of a control freak to allow anyone do that, wish i wasn't sometimes but don't think that's ever going to happen, lol.

Anonymous said...

a cleaning lady! oh I could use that once a month!
I'm too controlling over everything, how it should be done and how I think she would do it - which of course I'm sure is not the "right" way. but letting the paranoia aside, she would help keeping the place clean just by reminding me it has to be cleaned that day.
the only time I thought of crafting something for a baby I picked a blanket for growing-up reasons and when I figured out how much time and how pretty is was coming out I decided to keep it for myself and stitch an ornament for the kid. did it happen? no.

Coral said...

Needless to say cleaners are very easy and cheap here.

I just don't trust them. Did I hear someone say bad experiences? ;-)