Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Annual Review

Frustrated again by creating a collage, missing a few projects.
My goals for last year were:
  • Stitch more smalls--I stitched nine, which is slightly fewer than 2013 (11) but more than none.
  • Finish-finish 12 stitched pieces--I finish-finished six. Considering in my mid-year review I hadn't done any, that's pretty good!
  • Keep the craft room tidy--I'm not a Natural Born Housekeeper. In July, I hired housekeepers but I had to fire them in November. (They left the back door unlocked for the second time.) I am going to find a new one because, god, that was a fantastic few months!
  • Make cards in advance of needing them--I tried. And then I stopped trying, but I somehow sent only handmade cards to people.
  • Plan Craft Month, and work ahead--what I couldn't plan for was how sick I got in March. 
  • Stitch two threads each night--Started well, didn't keep it up.
  • Start projects so that I have 31 on the go. Can you believe I failed at this? There were a few new starts that I never got to! 
  • Complete stitching eight pieces (in addition to the smalls)--One, the Thistle, but I may finish Green Snowman tonight.
I did do some things that hadn't made the list as well, like taking a six week knitting class and getting 2/3 of the way through two baby dresses and knitting two cocoons and taking beading classes and doing an exchange or two (where I made nine items all told). 

At the beginning of the year, I showed you my sparkly life workbook and my word of the year--connect. And even though I didn't return to the notebook as often as I might have (monthly), I do feel like we connected more with our friends. We spent a lot more time saying yes to the people who mattered, and even though our weekend were eventually taken over by babies, we saw a lot more of our friends. That was happy-making. A good year if not my stitchiest. Happy New Year!


Mouse said...

Well I am impressed ... and had a giggle at the craft room tidy bit ... we are supposed to be creative not tidy
wishing you a wonderful crafty new year :) love mouse xxxxx

Robin said...

Wow! I think you had a very productive year. Good luck in your quest in finding a reliable housekeeper. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Robin in Virginia

Needle Nicely said...

I also am not strong on being a neatnik. My oldest brother's remark upon his first visit to Needle Nicely--"don't you vacuum?" My response, my customers are like me and don't notice (I hope).

Arthemise said...

Nice work and interesting blog. I love reading it. :)

Von said...

A very good year indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store. Happy New Year!!

Margaret said...

I don't have any excuse to hire a house cleaner. Boy, would that be nice. Loved reading your post.

Anonymous said...

the funny thing about tidiness is that I crave it, but never really get any that lasts more than 6 minutes. people leaving your door open? off with their heads, I say!
thanks for the list, my OCD side loves them.
Happy New Year and let 2015 bring us as much stitching as we can handle!

Linda said...

You managed some of your goals Nikki and that's what counts. Good luck this year.


Melody said...

Happy New Year!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You did pretty well with your goals considering what life has thrown at you this year!
I'd love a cleaner too but I think they would get frustrated at not being able to find surfaces to clean under all my stuff! Apparently I nest or cocoon and surround myself with possessions which spread throughout the room/s.

Kaisievic said...

Sounds like a great year to me, thanks for the wrap up. So interesting to read about what everyone else is up to.

Beth W said...

That you made progress on so many (and finished smalls) is a triumph, despite goals. Especially considering the rest of life and its hazards. Well done!