Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reverse Bucket List

I've made some starts today but they are all gifts I cannot share. So I consulted my 93 ideas for nablopomo and decided to make a "reverse bucket list," instead of a list of to-dos, it's a list of dones. I will focus on needlework, otherwise, we'll be here all night.

Recently I bogged that I was no longer taking classes, and Jo asked if I'd done stumpwork and punchneedle. And I have, in classes. In fact I learned stumpwork back in the olden days of Spirit of Cross-stitch (mid90s).

Done That
Bead embroidery
Cross Stitch
Drawn thread
Filet lace (Lacis)
Pulled thread
Ribbon embroidery
Surface embroidery

So there are definitely things I could learn, like Schwalm, Mountmellick and other whitework techniques, goldwork, Japanese embroideries, Wessex, and the list goes on.

Whenever I make lists like this, I am reminded of my idea to make a Stitcher's Life List ala the Knitter's Life List. It's in there people, It's just a matter of it coming out of my head before it comes out of someone else's!


Marie said...

What, no tatting??? :-) I want to learn how to do this but never see any local classes.

I would love to learn stumpwork, Do you have pieces of your work you could share pics of?

Hazel said...

Wow that's a cool list! You've done a lot already. X

Susan said...

Just have to say that I didn't take classes for a long time, either. Then, last spring, I fell in love with a project by a designer who does not publish her designs for retail sales. I took the class and actually learned quite a bit to improve my finishing techniques.

Margaret said...

You've learned so many techniques! I like this reverse bucket list. Very cool!

Linda said...

Great list Nikki. You've done a lot of different techniques. I have done needlepoint, cross stitch, crochet, knit and latch hook. I'm to old to want to try anything else. I love what I do now.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am impressed! I have done eight of those techniques, plus latch-hook. I made a rug, it took an entire year.