Saturday, November 08, 2014

Picot Chain Necklace

Good news--I've signed up with the Haverford Township Adult School for "Beading Boot Camp" at Bead Garden. That means every so often, I should have something new to show you. It's also good news for my relatives because surely someone will need something I end up making. (There are too many mistakes to give this necklace away, but I do have the technique down now.) It's also good news for me because I enjoy the projects that Leslie chooses.

When I was chatting with my table mates--and not understanding the pattern of this project at all--she introduced me as a craft blogger. They accused me of being a ringer. But I just kept thinking, "oh, I'm not really a craft blogger."

Now that I'm keeping this necklace, I'm going to have to find something to wear with it!


Margaret said...

Nice! I will enjoy seeing your beading projects. This one looks perfect to me.

Von said...

Mistakes? I don't see a one!

Anonymous said...

ohhh this is sooo gorgeous.. love it.. what a beautiful necklaces.. maybe wear it with something with a low neck line?