Monday, November 17, 2014

I Sort of Started It Monday

Photo courtesy of raumrot.
I know my blogging plan calls for me to talk on Mondays about something I made over the past weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend I started working in earnest on Christmas presents for bloggers, which means I can't show and tell. This puts a crimp in my blogging for sure. Right in the middle of NaBloPoMo.

How about I tell you what I'm giving all the kids who walk and talk* this Christmas? (I'm banking on the fact they don't read my blog, and since I'm their 40something aunt and they range in age from seven to 14, I think I might be right.) When I was growing up, Maggie used to give us cash and then a few little gifts she called "just junk." It could be anything: jumbo pencils, stickers, games, toys, books. I liked getting the junk (until my stuff started having stuff and her taste in junk declined). So I thought I'd buy stockings for the kids** and fill them with "just junk." The junk ranges from a t-shirt that says "I love ketchup from my head tomatoes" (to my toes) to the Survival Handbook, from cookie cutters and sprinkles to Mad Libs, from giant Hershey bars to dice and card games, from Pez dispensers to funky socks. I hope this works.

*No idea what I am getting the twins.
**At the "Dollar or Two" store; $2, of course, but they aren't as cheesy as I'd feared.


Thoeria said...

NaBloPoMo?? I'm flummoxed!
Actually your idea sounds like it will go down a treat!

The Queen Bee said...

Sure glad you explained the 'tomatoes'! Guess it's too early. Love the stuffed stocking idea. My kids would have enjoyed them.

Arthemise said...

I used to love the little junk! My aunt gave me her school supplies after she quit teaching, and I was in heaven.

Linda said...

Sounds like a great idea Nikki.


Beth W said...

That's the kind of stocking stuffer silliness by family has been doing for the past 15 years! It always goes over well, so I'm sure the kids will enjoy it. If nothing else, it's things to occupy the hands during the long boring stretches of the holiday. :)
I'm curious what crafts you're whipping up!

C in DC said...

I think the best treat we gave my niephlets when they were younger was $5 each and a trip to the dollar store to spend it.