Monday, November 03, 2014

I Made It Monday! Falling Back on the Cookie Thing

Just the leftovers after I mailed four dozen.
The hours I spent in the cold and damp on campus on Saturday really cut into my crafting time this weekend. And I was behind in the cookie making for my grandmothers! Tragic! What will they eat? How will they live?

I used this recipe for pumpkin oatmeal cookies (practically health conscious!). They smell heavenly. Really, it will make you want all the things to be pumkin spiced (as if they all weren't already). (I'm looking at you Trader Joe's.) Unfortunately, they basically taste like a moist oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just not quite up to the divine scent.


Margaret said...

Oh wow! So they don't taste like pumpkin? How strange and disappointing!

Linda said...

Yum. Where's mine??