Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Was in the Garden: Weeks Ago

I haven't made many posts this summer, and it's mostly because I've been doing so very many other (non-stitching) things. I've decided to talk to you a little bit about where I have been, and that's the garden.

I still haven't weeded and mulched the whole garden. (And the parts that I have done are already in need of further attention. Sigh.) And forget about all the changes I wanted to make on the side garden. I still have time. Right? RIGHT??

This is my purple island garden. I tend to give it the most attention (well, you know what I mean) because it is right there out in front of our house. This photo was taken a few weeks ago, and now it looks like a jungle more lush and crowded. (A jungle that desperately needs weeding!)

You can see here that I've got some spindly looking day lilies. I recently divided them from five to ten. Next year, they'll be fabulous. Right now, well, at least they're blooming. If I were any kind of a gardener, I'd get out there and take care of the yellow leaves. (I have watered, since mother nature hasn't been cooperative.)

The clematis went wild this year. My mother is blaming/crediting the harsh winter. I'm crediting the fact that I weeded and not the "helpers" I had last year who ripped out a couple of vines (and the geranium, they did not want to leave that alone). And, though I moan about their "help" at least the whole garden was mulched in a day. And it looked good for, like, 15 minutes or something.

Can you tell I have weeding on my mind and in my future?


Linda said...

Beautiful Nikki. Ours looks terrible this year. No water.


Margaret said...

So pretty! I am no gardener. So I love seeing other people's gardens.

Beth said...

Weeding and dead-heading - it's that time of year - I can't decide where to begin, so I've done nothing!

Thoeria said...

I've never been much of a gardener I'm afraid.....too much dirt and sun :D I Don't mind supervising others who feel the urge though....normally with a nice cool drink in my hand while sitting in the shade (of course!)

Jennifer said...

I'd like to join Thoeria's garden club.