Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sigh...Monthly Review

May Goals

May 1-3      Emerald Mermaid--no.
May 4-6      Anniversary Project--I started this one! Photo soon.
May 7-9      Small SAL--started, unfinished
May 10-12  Marquoir
May 13-15  A Fish Tale
May 16-18  Emerald Mermaid
May 19-21  16th Century Knot Garden
May 22-24  Thistle
May 25-27  Off the Deep End
May 28-30  Love Me, Love My Dog--no

I didn't stitch much this month, so just what did I do? 

  • Went for a girls weekend in Charleston for my mother's birthday.
  • Had two book club meetings and cookbook club took us on an adventure to the Chinese market
  • Started the baby dress class (three meetings) and had homework
  • Two library meetings (one where the dude got elected to the Board of Trustees!)
  • Went to an all-day stamp-a-thon/baby shower 
  • Gardened
  • Saw The EELS
  • And I still haven't figured out how to get everything done I need to do on the weekends. Where's my fairy godmother?

June Goals
There are things! I need to get done! Now!

  • Small SAL
  • Anniversary project (due July in Pennsylvania)
  • Thistle (due August in England)

As you can see I have scaled back again. Because apparently there is a lot to do in my garden and in my house and with throwing a baby shower and knitting and work (now that my boss is on maternity leave) and ...and...and...

You know what I'm going to add to this list? Find a housekeeper.


Needle Nicely said...

But you are strong and a magnificent multi-tasker--you can move mountains. Well, perhaps stitch 2 baby sweaters in time. They look great so far and I'm sure you will do a great job on them.

Just breathe deeply and prioritize your goals. You really do accomplish quite a lot and should be proud of yourself.

Thoeria said...

Oh but I think you've done amazingly well! You've been busy living....and having loads of fun by the sound of things! Eels?? Should I ask?

Margaret said...

You've had a busy month, full of fun and social stuff plus work. I don't know how anyone who works finds time for their crafts. You're doing great! Housekeeper sounds like a great idea to me! :D

Hazel said...

Ack! I have long given up on lists and deadlines as I just felt a failure month after month but maybe I should start one up again. You look like you actually achieved a lot!

Charlene ♥ SC said...


Anonymous said...

I decided many years ago that what I really needed was a good old-fashioned 1950's WIFE! Or an Alice from the Brady Bunch. Or a STAFF - ala Downton Abby. Unfortunately, the funds to acquire such haven't shown up, in spite of repeated requests to the Department of Income (DH). As the designated Department of Outgo, I find this very annoying! All this stuff interfers with my stitching something awful.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I could really do with a housekeeper too! If I worked full time I would definitely have a cleaner come in once a week.

At least you have nice excuses for not stitching this month. I have no social life LOL

Do you get any favours for the dude being a Trustee now? First choice of chair in the library group? Key to the executive washroom maybe?

Von said...

There are times when stitching has to go to the back of the bus. While you're not stitching, you are accomplishing a heck of a lot!!

Beth said...

You have LOTS on your plate - you've accomplished much in the past month.

Robin said...

I think we set ourselves up for failure with our lists. I have decided to cut my list down to human sized and to enjoy the journey along the way. I think we are harder on ourselves than we should be. Give yourself a break. You did more than most.

Marie said...

Such a busy life...reading all that you have been up to is exhausting. :-)

BTW: that baby shower invite in your previous post is ADORABLE!

Oma said...

I do good to blog....just keep on stitching when you can.