Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Girl Knits

I mentioned I was taking a knitting class and promised to show you the results of that. We had our second class this week. I'm knitting for twins, so I am doing two dresses at once. This will help prevent "second sock syndrome" I think. I also picked the 12 month old size, and they aren't due til August. To paraphrase, a woman's got to know her limitations!

This is the Marian Dress by Taiga Hillard Designs, and it has faux lace cable panels on the front and back. The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, and so yes, I'm there too now. (Which is ridiculous because I can barely keep up with the blog-Twitter-Instagram parts of my life.) (I did recently figure out how to get an instant response from the dude: DM him on Twitter. I'm not sure if it will work when we're in the same room. Or if he will remember that I asked him to bring the dog to the vet if I use Twitter instead of my mouth. I'll experiment and report back.)

Notice the lovely stitch markers I made for this. I had made matching sets purple flowers with purple hearts and turqoise flowers with turquoise spheres but then a wrench was thrown into my plans when I needed a different color in my pairs so I am using the purple flowers with the blue flowers and the hearts with the spheres.

There's been a tragic accident. Yup, after one day of use the bead split. And it wasn't even like I forced the wire into it (like I did with the purple hearts). Lesson learned: don't buy cheap beads.


Margaret said...

I love the colors you are using for the dresses! Hope you show your progress on the dresses. They are going to be adorable! Sorry about the split bead. :(

Linda said...

Good luck with the dresses Nikki. Great colors.


Thoeria said...

You sure don't do things in half measure! I have been knitting for years now but never ever ever ventured into knitting a lace cabled dress for anyone! Great progress :)

Silverlotus said...

That is a very pretty pattern. I'm sure you are going to do great!

Marcy said...

Looks great to me. Good luck with the knitting.

Minnie said...

Great starts on both dresses, can wait to see more progress.