Friday, March 07, 2014

Love the Rub

That sounds dirty, but you know I always get a little punchy posting every day. (Yes, TWO words. Each day. If I meant it as an adjective, it would be one word--everyday clothes, everyday dishes, everyday family.) But I digress, grill rub!

I made two of the three from that post but, you know, there are literally hundreds of grill rub recipes. Allrecipes has more than 50. About barbecue and grilling has a top ten. The BBQ Pit Boys have a recipe. How wrong can you go with something called "Meatheads Memphis Dust"?

Anyway, if you know a guy who loves his grill, I can highly recommend making some rubs.

(It occurs to me that I didn't take pictures of the actual rub, but, you know, it looks like mixed spices in a jar.)


Linda said...

What a wonderful idea. My hubby loves to grill.


Needle Nicely said...

You should also get credit for the decorative lids--a twofer!

Jennifer said...

This is an excellent rub for ribs, but I do cut back on the hot spices, and it's still plenty spicy enough.

Margaret said...

Fantastic! You are being so creative with all this!

Melody said...

Great idea! Also, your lids are so pretty.

Cole said...

These are fantastic - I'm going to have to check out your link!