Friday, March 14, 2014

Love the IG

Last night it was just impossible to get a decent picture of these Instagram photo coasters. I'm not even sure this morning was better but I don't want to fall behind on the social media side of things.

I think we all happily snap away on Instagram but beyond having a record of the photos in cyberspace, what do we do with these fabulous shots? (Actually, I went here at Christmas and got myself a canvas print of that dirty nose picture, which is also my phone wallpaper.) Anyway, now we can protect the coffee table with photos of our favorite mutt. Jen at tater tots & jello also offers directions for creating a little holder for the coasters, but I lack woodworking tools (though not skills: I was in wood and metal shop classes in the 70s when we brought girls into the shop and boys into the kitchen and sewing room.)

Anyway, if you can glue and sand--and you can-- you can make these.


Margaret said...

Very nice! I've now pinned the idea too. lol! Are you on instagram???

Linda said...

Love the coasters Nikki.


Jennifer said...

These are cute!

Needle Nicely said...

But sanding is an invention of the devil! Booooring! I made a 3x6 foot bookcase once but refused to sand it at all. Rebellion is my life! I must say that I admire your beautiful dog and coasters are a great idea.

Susan said...

Very cute! And useful.

Robin said...

What a wonderful idea to turn your photos of Stella into coasters.

Have a fun filled weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Melody said...

Nice coasters! I admire your tenacity on this big craft a day project month!!

I remember switching shop with home ec with the boys!!!