Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Are All the Balls Still in the Air?

Whew! It feels like the weekend just blew right by. Must have been that looooong two day workweek I had last week! Unfortunately, this post has been further delayed by my inability to get a decent picture. The sun is just rising when I leave for work, and it's set when I return. So we're just going to have to make do.

When we last communicated, I had tried to start Blackbird Designs' "Friendship Gathering" in the office and was foiled at every turn. We had friends round on Friday night--such fun! (And I will strongly urge you to serve Brillat-Savarin cheese with homemade strawberry jam for dessert.) When they left, I still hadn't taken a stitch and I needed to put in two threads, so I just grabbed Hang a Shining Star (SamSara) and put a few stitches in.

On Saturday, I still needed to collect some threads and fabrics for my starts, so we drove over to the Strawberry Sampler. They had many of the regular threads, but their fabric stock was kind of low. They usually have a fabulous collection to choose from. It was still early, so I conned the dude into driving me to the fiber store--it's a needlepoint shop--and they always have every thread I need (except NPI; they don't carry that). We pulled up at 3:30 to find...they had been closed for half an hour. And they wouldn't reopen until Tuesday! (Doesn't matter, I can't get back there until next Saturday.) Ugh.

Still, I started Friendship Gathering (Blackbird Designs). I have no idea what the fabric is but I don't think it is the count I thought it was. I started stitching with two threads and quickly realized that would end unhappily so I switched to one thread and was incredibly pleased with the coverage.The fabric has a small vein of green running through it, and I am wondering now if I even bought this piece of fabric for this project. Too late now!

I went home and ordered online. Which I don't love to do, but I want my stuff, dammit. It took orders with FOUR online shops. Fabrics here, NPIs there, more thread here and there. What the hell has happened to this industry? The good news is that I did find a store that stocks *some* DMC Flower Thread, which has been discontinued for years. (I'm stitching a design from 1997.) I stumbled upon them when I was looking for a substitute. (The ultra bad news is, upon further review, I forgot to get more Thread Gatherer threads.)

On Sunday we took down the tree. And...I guess I did stuff all day because it wasn't until that night that I chose a project to stitch on, Tis the Season (Blackbird Designs). (Just two threads)

Monday saw two threads go into Love Me Love My Dog.

Tuesday saw two more threads in Lady Gray.

This morning, I hurriedly threw threads into a bag, grabbed my needlebook, cheaters, and a piece of fabric (that I hope I hadn't "reserved" for anything else) so that I would have something to work on at lunchtime stitching. You'll just have to wait to see that though because I started my smalls for the SAL.

I am glad I made my goal "stitch two threads each night" rather than fifteen starts at the beginning of the month. I thought I was going to get much farther on making sure all the kits were prepped than I did this past weekend, yet I was able to keep up with my goals. I think that's the secret to success--having the right goals to start with! 


Margaret said...

Good for you, but such a bummer about all the trouble you had kitting things up. Ugh! Love seeing all your stitching projects.

Linda said...

Wow Nikki. You made good progress on all the pieces. Two strands in each is a very doable goal. Love the dog one.


Laura said...

Surprised you had to use 4 shops for everything - you should try and (Needle In a Haystack) - they both have full ranges of things - Edgar in SF shops a lot at HIAH and overall, 123stitch can't be beat for best prices, service etc. (not affiliated with either - just a very happy customer of both).


Brigitte said...

Great, this two-threads-each-evening thing seems to work. And causes some nice progress. You have some gorgeous projects on the go.

I sometimes run into the same difficulties when kitting up projects. So I got used to substituting the called for threads with ones that I have in my stash, and most of the times I'm quite happy with it.

Thoeria said...

You have some lovely projects on the go there! I quite like the idea of 2 threads a night :) May just have to steal it as a goal ......but only from Feb.....maybe! :-D

Chris said...

Great progress! I hate that it is so hard to get things kitted up. I have a shop that I order things from and I often opt to have them just kit it for me so I avoid any of that frustration.
All your projects look great.

Robin said...

Good starts! What a pain in the butt about the threads. And ordering online can but a pain too.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I KNOW I'm lucky to have a good LNS, but hearing about the trials of others sure makes me more appreciative. Congrats on finding the correct method to keep you from madness. Great progress!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Right goals! AMEN! You are doing fabulous! I really do like that Sam Sarah one...anxious to see that one come to life :)
And of course "tis the season by BBD...I have that kitted myself (for years...) and have never stitched it yet. Soon! Because I love that one!

Anna van Schurman said...

Unfortunately, one of the shops was Needle in a Haystack. They usually have a fantastic selection of fabric, but no such luck.

Dani - tkdchick said...

You've got lots of great projects on the go there! Good for you for keeping to your goal of two threads a night minimum!

You're lucky to at least still have an LNS.

My closest is 3hrs away but she's closed for the winter (gone to Florida). My second closest is also 3 hours away but I have to go to the US (Syracuse, NY) to go there which means crossing the border, paying customs if its a day trip... and so on!

EvalinaMaria said...

Lucky you! It's dark when I'm leaving to work and it's dark when I'm coming back... Love all your stitching.

Coral said...

Wow, what a hassle you have had getting things together.

Couldn't Nordic Needle help you with supplies? I love them!