Thursday, September 12, 2013


Oh. I had hoped to return before that autopost. I shall defend myself regarding the auto. I am in it up to my eyeballs right now.

First, I wanted to thank you all for offering me your solidarity with "Independent and Free." I appreciate your ideas about how I can fudge it, but I really need to know what is wrong with it so I can keep on fudging it.

This past weekend, I was home alone. I imagined a life of watching girlie movies and stitching my life away. Instead I played Words with Friends and Idontevenknowwhat. I had scheduled Lady Gray for this slot hoping I would have tons done by the end of the weekend. Instead, I hardly touched it until Monday when the dude and I were driving out to Longwood. And that's when I found out I was missing two colors. {Eye roll}

Longwood was, as always, peaceful and inspiring. (We do look at the experimental gardens almost every time. And I get inspired!) The conservatory is displaying mums in preparation for the 1000 bloomer they'll be debuting later this fall.

For the past three days, I was supposed to be working on Elizabethan Rose. I can't even remember the last time I looked at that one. I should probably have finished it when I was still a pro at detached buttonhole stitch. At any rate, I really had to put my efforts into getting all the request letters out for the Silent Auction--yes, I'm doing that again. Yes, I know I'm nuts.

I was running around like crazy doing errands. When picking up the farm share, I noticed hundreds of honeybees dancing around this white flower, that frankly looked rather weed-like. (Parts of the farm seem so unkempt. But if I had to farm in our heat and humidity, it would be incredibly unkempt.) I have been taking pictures of bees, in some misguided attempt to promote them, or something. This one is called "Industry 4."


Susan said...

Thanks for the Longwood picture! Heading there in a week or two and it's nice o get a preview.

Linda said...

Pretty looking project Nikki.