Monday, July 01, 2013

Christmas in July

Last Month, I planned to stitch mermaids, and I did: 
June 1-8 Off the Deep End-- She has a tail and an alphabet, as you can see here. (Click here to see how she looked before.) She tried to go for a swim. (It is so disgusting outside, I have no idea why anyone comes to Florida in the summer. It is surely the grossest time of year to be here. And it it weren't for my parents I'd never come after April.) (Just to emphasize the point, my parents have a pool, and I didn't even pack a bathing suit!)
June 9-15 Ornament SAL--done
June 16-22 Emerald Mermaid--She's really coming along. (Can it be I really haven't shown you this one since January 2011?)
June 23-30 Teresa Layman, A Fish Tale--I couldn't find the color chart. Sigh. 

I also finished Boris from Plum Street Samplers. Thank you all for your kind comments on that! 

For July, I'm doing Christmas in July!

July 1-6 New start! SamSarah's Shining Star
July 7-13 Shepherd's Bush's Black Snowman
July 14-20 Ornament SAL/ Tall Guys' Christmas
July 20-27 New Start! Blackbird's Tis the Season

I probably shouldn't be making new starts since I have plenty of Christmas projects to fill my dance card. However, one of my aunts asked me to make a Christmas stitchery so she could have one to pull out every year and think of me. How could I say no? She's getting "Tis the Season." The other new start is for me, which means it will be done in about five years. I've been collecting the thread and waiting and waiting and waiting for the Morris blue fabric which arrived (at last!) last month.


Fay and Charlette said...

I feel the same way about Florida as you do. My friends always want to visit in the late spring or summer and I always say, NO WAY unless you want to suffer. There is a very small window to visit South Florida, I'd say its December thru end of February. Chink up! You'll be home soon enough, I suppose!

diamondc said...

I love your Mermaids, they are lovely.
Thank-you for your kind comment, if you send me your snail mail I will send the pattern off to you.

Fay and Charlette said...

On a separate note, I look forward to your review of the JCS 2013 Ornament issue!

Beth said...

Great idea - work on ornaments and have 'em all ready long before Christmas and the stress or the holidays roll around

Needle Nicely said...

As a Florida year-rounder, I must leap in and say that May and October are the best months to be in Florida. At least that is true of the east coast where we get the Atlantic breezes. (just a touch of rivalry between the two coasts!)

It's always great to see what you're stitching. I also am waiting for the 2013 ornament critique.

Margaret said...

Oh I so agree about Florida! Ewwww! lol! Love your mermaids though. :D

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oooh, is it nearly time for the Ornie Review? It's almost as exciting as the issue itself LOL.

I think it's lovely that your aunt has specifically requested a stitchery from you. You'll know it will be treasured, which is not always the case with relatives.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful mermaids!