Saturday, June 01, 2013

Heralding a Summer's Early Sway

Thanks for all the love for the anniversary piece and my ornament SAL. I appreciate your stopping by and leaving comments.

This weekend, I'm in the midst of my 25th college reunion. I can't believe I've been out of college for more years than I was old when I graduated. Where does the time go? Yesterday, someone asked me if I were in the class of 1968. I was feeling pretty horrible until another classmate of mine got asked the same thing. I think they just want to think of themselves as 20 years younger than they are. Who doesn't?! Whenever I'm on campus--which is more often since I'm only five miles away--I think I am seeing people I know, but I am really seeing people I remember from 25 years ago projected on the current students. In 20 years' time, I'll probably be asking the '08 reuners if they are class of 1988.

Anyway, I feel badly for my friends who are staying in the (unairconditioned) dorms. It's 90' here with matching humidity. Since it feels like summer, I thought I might stitch some mermaids.

June 1-8 Off the Deep End
June 9-15 Ornament SAL
June 16-22 Emerald Mermaid
June 23-30 Teresa Layman, Mermaid

Of course, this optimistic list makes it seem like 1) I am not attending my 25th college reunion this weekend and 2) I'm not working all day at a library fundraiser and going to a volunteer appreciation picnic for my other volunteer gig the following weekend and 3) I didn't just join the library's cookbook club. I guess the short version is: I've made a schedule, but don't expect too much.

Last month, I was sort of derailed from even planning my stitching. I had the cough from hell. It's amazing how long ago that seems now. (Whereas 25 years ago? Seems like yesterday.*) And how even when you are dying from some minor illness, it's all forgotten when your good health returns.

You know how they say when you go to reunions the women look the same, but the men look bad because they are bald? The Haverfordians must have some good genes because while most of them are very "distinguished" (gray), they've kept their hair. Many of them have even kept their figures. One guy, I swear, has a portrait aging in his attic. But the women all do look just the same...minus the 80s hair. And let's all say a quick prayer of thanks for that.

*Isn't that a sign of dementia? ;)


Margaret said...

OMG. My 30th college reunion is this weekend too!!!! And I'm skipping it. lol! The people I want to see don't go to reunions, so why bother? Isn't it amazing when you go back? So weird. And yes, I think they just want to feel younger. Class of '68 -- hmph! Have a great time! enjoy the heat! lolol!

Melody said...

Enjoy your reunion. I have avoided mine like the plague.

Good thing the 80s hair is gone.

Also, I like the idea of your mermaid list. I'm not one for making stitching lists.. kind of odd, because I make lists for other things.

Beth said...

Plan is just a suggestion of how to get from A to B....detours are encouraged.

Linda said...

Have fun at your reunion.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've got a 30th anniversary reunion for High School on offer this month. It's for people who were 16 in 1983 which is the minimum school leaving age here. Most of my friends stayed on and did 6th Form then left town to go to university. I've looked at Facebook and most of the acceptances are from people I didn't know!

Most of them are grandmas now, I'm certainly the only one with a Preschooler!

Good luck with the plans.

Mouse said...

love the wee snowman and hope your threads have arrived by now .... and had to giggle about the reunion .... apparently I haven't changed ... hair still the same but thankfully not in 80's style never was it has a mind of its own ;)
good luck with your schedule :) love mouse xxxx

C in DC said...

A friend of mine pointed out that most of us look better than our 21 year old selves, because we spend time and money to take care of ourselves - like getting good haircuts and using moisturizers daily.

Annie @online PhD UK said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog coz’ it’s quite hilarious when you mentioned that your classmates are already going bald after a 25th reunion. That must have been too hard and uneasy on their part. I believe there are many ways to reduce that problem, right? Anyway, stay in good shape always!

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