Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Craftermath: March Wrap Up

The Craft and Hobby Association posted this last month, and I was delighted to find it. My craft room is a huge mess. I lobbied on twitter for someone to declare April "Clean Up the Craft Room" Month, and CHA retweeted. One  person who responded was smug because she already cleaned her craft room. {Pffffffft}

As you know, I have no shame, so I will show you that this is where I begin April, National Clean Up the Craft Room Month. Sadly, in order to make the card on March 28th, I had to clean up a little bit. I also threw away a stuffed kitchen-sized garbage bag because it was trash day. So this is actually cleaner than it was at its worst. Let's see if I do as well during April as I did during March!

March Review:

31 crafts in 31 days
Page Views: 12,482
Retweets: Cre8time and the Craft and Hobby Association.
Most popular post: Irish Potatoes From last year but is is on Craft Gossip and Pinterest so it may live forever!
Most popular from this year: Sagaciousness of Owls
Most Comments: Penny Rug Flowers
My Favorite: Penny Rug Flowers
Dude's Favorite: The fan remake
Number of Pinterest Fails: One
Number of serious burns: One
Number I'll try again: Nine, the thrift stores round these parts better hide the ties!


Goals for April:

In addition to participating in National Clean up the Craft Room Month, I'm going to focus on a few pieces that are near completion and see how close we get.
  • April 2-6 Star Light, Star Bright
  • 7-13 Ornament SAL
  • 14-20 Boris
  • 21-27 Crazy Love
  • 28-30 Elizabethan Rose


PegC said...

the good thing is --your room looks like there's lots happening so the least important is to be tidy!

Margaret said...

Good luck with the clean up!

riona said...

I'd be hard put to choose a favorite. I did like the penny rug flowers even thought I am unlikely to ever make such things myself. The tie-dyed eggs ... now that is something I might try. I am already doing something similar to the owls with fabric. Every time I see the cards you make, I have the impulse to run out to Michael's or A.C. Moore's and buy out the card-making/scrapbooking department. So far, I have held myself in check.

xeyedmary said...

Snoopy dance for you! Yay! You did it!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I need to participate in this challenge. My room is so small that it doesn't take much to be a disaster. But it sure takes a long time to clean up!

Chris said...

Love Craftermath!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful month of crafts. It is inspiring.

Beth said...

I seem to have a Craftermath thing going on too...I still haven't decided on a stitching theme for April yet - you are far more organized than I am.