Monday, March 18, 2013

Maybe Folding Just Isn't My Thing

Thanks for your comments on my peonies. I guess I've hung around fabric people for a long time because I didn't consider that everyone may not know that polyester melts. So the secret to the peonies--and this is mentioned in the tutorials--is 100% polyester fabric. And, yes, I didn't have that in my stash.

After cleaning the house and serving dinner for eight*, I popped up to the craft room to fold some fabric. As in tsumami kanzashi. Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in Japan. Tsumami kanzashi (literally folded fabric hair ornament) are usually made from small (1") squares of silk. It seems, however, there is a revival of the craft among fiber enthusiasts, including our friend Lelia, around the world.

I found these instructions when I was looking for fabric flower ideas on the interwebs. They looked cool! I had fabric! Let's go! I should have read this part of the wikipedia entry, "Tsumami kanzashi has been officially designated as a traditional Japanese handcraft in the Tokyo region since 1982. Traditionally trained professional artisans typically undergo five to ten years of apprenticeship." Five to ten years. Ahem.

I'm not going to lie: making this wasn't easy. I had to watch the video at least twice each time I made a petal. There are eight petals. A lot of things might have made this easier. Spray starch, which a number of tutorials recommend. Clover templates, which Lelia recommends. Starting earlier, which is just common sense. At bedtime, well, a little after bedtime, I dumped out the button jar and on my fourth try, I found this one. Perfect. Eh, voila, tsumami kanzashi.

*Yes, it was Sunday dinner at our house. We started with dim sum and egg rolls (Frozen, I'm no fool). Followed by Honey Sesame Chicken from Six Sisters served with rice, edamame, and steamed carrots. Finally brownies. Or these cupcakes, extra from the ones my niece made for a (too) young friend who had heart surgery. 
She figured them out from an Instagram photo.
Isn't she clever and talented?


xeyedmary said...

If you survive this month, you should be awarded a gold glue gun or something!
Very pretty fabric flower- as were the peonies of yesterday.
I will have to point my daughter towards your niece's cupcakes- she likes to bake for her office.

Margaret said...

Wow! That is very impressive. Sounds like it is a difficult craft to say the least. 5 to 10 years. Yikes! Your dinner sounds yummy too. Those cupcakes are so cool!

Linda said...

Another great one Nikki. I tell ya - I did a triple take at those cupcakes cause I thought they were burgers. Yum Yum


Paula said...

I would have counted the dinner/cooking as my craft for the day.
I'm enjoying your craft month.

Mouse said...

five to ten years to learn to do ... well done you for doing it in one night .... those cup cakes look yummy :) love mouse xxxxx

Chris said...

Wow, I think the flower is pretty amazing.
Those cupcakes just make me smile.
You have found some really interesting projects this year.