Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Poor Sad Neglected Grandma

Funny how everyone has such fond memories of Pyrex! Now there's something else that was sadly stowed in the attic and has won her freedom. And I've been ignoring her.

Grandma Muriel flew from England to Arizona last May {blush}, and I haven't kept up with her adventures, and now she's back in Europe. I haven't forgotten her, but I have been remiss in keeping you up to date on her adventure.

Visiting with Gracie
In fact, Gracie (warning music on blog) kept Madame so entertained, I should have made a special effort to follow her comings and goings. My apologies, Gracie. Muriel and the Arizona Tuffet. Visiting Gracie's workplaceScones and Sewing. Meeting a Snowbird. Among the Angels. Muriel reclaims the guest room. Relaxing on the Front Porch Swing. A Trip to the Nursery. Another library visit. Enjoying a  Lobster Dinner. Mother's Day Celebration. Oh, no! Muriel takes a tumble. A Visit to choose frames. It's too Darn Hot! Making her mark with the Sheriff.

Muriel is in Italy to visit with Chiara at the Grey TailArrival in Italy! A little tea and stitching. They made plans for the holiday. Muriel received a nice little teapot. She's learned to make coffee, toured the town, and visited Stra.
In Italy with Chiara

Please follow her adventures with Chiara. I will try to be better at keeping flat grandma's page updated!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've been following her adventures with Chiara. It's funny how many libraries have featured in her itinerary!

C in DC said...

That's one well-travelled grandma!