Monday, October 01, 2012

October Begins...

  1. See a movie--I didn't...
  2. Read two books--I didn't even read one.
  3. New Rotation this is based on Molly's Challenge
  • Raise the Roof, Off the Deep End (Sept 1, 2, 3)--see progress here.
  • Carriage House, A Mind Independent and Free (Sept 4, 5, 6)--see progress here.
  • Good Housewife, Home Sweet Home (Sept 7, 8, 9)--see progress here.
  • LTD, 16th Century Knot Garden (Sept 10, 11, 12)--see progress here.
  • Little by Little, Star Light, Star Bright (Sept 13, 14, 15)--see progress here.
  • Mill Hill (Sticks), Love Me, Love My Dog (Sept 16, 17, 18)--see progress here.
  • Mirabilia, Emerald Mermaid (Sept 19, 20, 21)--see progress here.
  • Marquoir Bleu et Rouge (Sept 22, 23, 24)--I stitched one small letter. Not even worth showing.
  • Sheepish Designs, That Dern Parrot (Sept 25, 26, 27)--no.
  • Holiday Sparrow, Tall Guys Christmas (Sept 28, 29, 30)--nope.
However, I did knit 85 yards of metallic yarn into Christmas garland and stitch three Christmas ornaments (I'll show you that last one soon). I am really happy with how things went. I did some good work, especially on Home Sweet Home. I may do this again in...February.

Because October begins another season of Christmas Crafting with My Hair on Fire. Now that's a reality show I'd like to see. No ugly  families layering on spangles and sequins and pancake make-up trying to make themselves pretty. Just a woman and her glue gun trying to make respectable gifts for her family on time and under budget. (I added those last two categories to appeal to the Apprentice viewers.) Someone get DIY Network on the line!
  • See a movie
  • Read two books
  • Make 75 Christmas cards
  • Decide on what gifts to make for 23 family members; make seven.


EvalinaMaria said...

You've done a lot in September and October looks pretty full too...

Carolyn @ The Baseball Stitcher said...

Wow - I have never seen knitted garland before! I think I am in love! I have no clue how to knit but I do have knitting needles. :) I'm so inspired to learn now!!

Margaret said...

Your list may have many "no" entries but you seem to get a lot done each month! I'm saving my movie goal for November when the new James Bond is coming to NZ!

Denise said...

Ok September is over. October - wow - your hair will be on fire!

Miriam said...

Make 75 cards ... wow. I never even manage to send out purchased cards. Maybe this year?

Have missed making many comments ... my feed reader has been broken for three weeks! Maggie's party sounds like it was interesting, and what a fun vacation it sounds like you had!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the last target, decide on 23 presents, make 7. Does that mean the rest get shop-bought or do they have to wait until the New Year?