Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 27: Time Flies

Remember I told you I needed a clock for the craft room? I got right on solving the problem!

I bought clockworks and a wooden disk (find them next to the clockworks) at the craft store. I decoupaged fabric onto the wood. Once the fabric is dry (and hardened) over the center hole, jab it with the scissors, and it will give way like paper. Then you just stick in the clockworks and cry because the hands don't seem to balance properly nor can you figure out the order of things. The box the pieces came in will be absolutely no help. Nevertheless, you will persevere.

The hands were gold and I colored them black with a Sharpie so they would stand out enough to read them. I do wish they were less "clock hand" and more graphical (straight, chunky). Apparently all the clock makers shopping at the craft stores want their clock hands to be shapely.

I like the idea of this better than the execution. I'm not gonna lie to you: it's a little lumpy. The wooden circle has routered edges, and it was difficult to get the fabric to lie flat.  Frankly, I'm thinking I may have to start over on this one, but you get the idea.


Debbie said...


Jennifer said...

What about finding an inexpensive clock at a thrift store or even walmart, and using the hands from that? You can order them online and they're cheap, but shipping is a killer.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - does that fabric look familiar? Maybe you could put some sort of trim or gimp on the bumpy edges. dd

xeyedmary said...

Very clever! I like it! I also like the scissor fobs too. I'm afraid of the bead department at my local craft store because I know it will become another place to drop tons of $$ that I don't have or need to spend!

Thoeria said...

Unlike my figure, where you *can* see the lumps and bumps....your clock looks perfect, chunky hands or not :)Lovely fabric that you've used