Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 17: Following Someone Else's Lead

My Stampin' Up! Rep had a stamping class today. She designed a portfolio of items. (You may remember the one I made for the Pollyanna last year.) It was a relief just to have to put things together and not worry about supplies, and designs, and cleaning up afterward. (Yes, I'm still tired!)

It's fabulous; she always does such a great job! The portfolio is just a plastic sleeve (for a three ring binder) with the tabs cut off. You have to be careful with it because it wasn't really meant to hold so much stuff.

We made two notebook covers, four birthday cards, and four gift tags. I love the white-on-white tag. The background is dry embossed and there's a white die cut flower (lower left corner in the bottom photo). The only pop of color comes from a small button. Love that. So simple and such an impact.

I like the color combination on the small notebook--orange, green, "Concord grape." There was some kind of inspirational quote on it, but Sissy and I went for "If at first you don't succeed, find out if the loser gets anything." The larger blue notebook (upper left) had a religious saying on it, but that seemed weird paired with the quote on the small notebook. She had brought non-religious sayings for Sissy and me, thus the well-behaved women quote.

The big blue flower card gets most of its pop from dry embossing. I think I may have to get that flower die. I love the coneflower card. We've used this set before when we embossed the images in white on a navy card. I love it in magenta, though. I'm trying to decide which of the upcoming birthday girls deserves this!

I came home and needed to transplant the day lilies and prune the roses. Sissy and I are going to Florida to visit our parents on Monday, and next weekend will be too late because of this crazy warm late winter we are having. I checked the side garden (a shade garden) and fortunately the hostas haven't started coming up. Good news because even spending the afternoon in the garden, I couldn't finish. Today I'll prune the second rose and clean up the mess I've made. And pack. And pack up Stella. And make sure I bring enough stuff to do five crafts while I am away. And do the myriad things any person has to do before they go away for a week. Phew...I am not going to feel any more rested tomorrow, am I?


Barbi said...

I LOVE these! Have a great visit with your family :)

Deb said...

These cards are great! I've never made anything like this but I've always admired people that do! Very pretty!

I need to get into my garden today. This freakish weather is making everything bloom. I hope we don't have some nasty freezes after this coming week. It's suppose to be about 80 here!

doris said...

If at first you don't succeed ... lolol. My sister will love that one.

carol fun said...

Great SU cards- I love their stuff! Have a safe trip. Hope you get to rest on up your vacation!