Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 10: Bookmarks

Day ten...I dicked around for a while, a treat for having cleaned a couple of rooms in preparation for company. After dinner, dishes. Then I turned to crafting. In the middle of making this project, I shouted down to the dude to find out the time (Note to self: need clock for craft room). It was 8:40 pm. Where had my day gone? So, I cut out two of these, but only made the one.

The button is a nice touch because it prevents the bookmark from slipping out of the book.

My inspiration began here but I went to Sew Mama where there were four more examples and five different tutorials. In the end, I just sort of winged it. I've cut another one out, and I will sew it soon. If not today then Monday. I do have people coming for dinner after all. And my sister has requested Irish potatoes.

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barbara said...

Cute AND practical. :)