Friday, December 16, 2011

Three years ago, I did this meme. I had planned to put up--and blog about a second tree but I skipped it because my house was torn apart shortly before Christmas so we could put new counters in. Last year we were in Florida, and I only put up one tree (and only under duress). The year before we flew to England just after Christmas and stayed for two weeks so we didn't decorate. Anyway, here we are and plan to stay this holiday season. So we've got the handmade tree up. I thought you might like to see it.

How many angel ornaments do you have hanging on your tree? About eight, including a half dozen of these angels my mother made (or maybe commissioned). (Not the best photo, but her wings are blue velvet.)

How many star ornaments do you have? Two: star-shaped dog, star-shaped Santa.

Do you have a theme tree, and if so, what is it? This tree is mostly Santas but I do allow any handmade ornament on it. 

How many Santa ornaments? A lot!

How many ornaments were handmade by you or your children? About 50, by me. But God forbid I take a photo of one. (Look at yesterday's post!)

Are there any food ornaments on your tree? Does Santa riding a chicken count?

Are there any ornaments that betray your origins, i.e. where you're from? I do have a few souvenir ornaments on the tree, but none are from NH: A steel drum from Grenada, a die cut metal ornament from Multonomah Falls a trip for my 30th birthday, and a sand dollar from a trip we took to St. Thomas for Maggie's 80th birthday. I guess this one from Kennepunkport is the closest. Plus it's a knitting lobster, what's not to love?
What's the oldest ornament on your tree? I think it's either this angel or this one, both vintage finds from an antiquer friend.

What ornament do you have that is the least likely to be hanging on someone else's tree? have I mentioned the chicken? Not very many of these are likely to be on other people's trees. Easier to say which ones aren't unique--like the soccer ball Santa we're using as a tree topper! (Photo, above--check out the stardog.)
And finally, do you have any new ornaments this year? I did manage to finish a few this year, but not stitch any. Not sure that counts.


Donna said...

What? No Hampshire Pewter Co. ornaments? You so need an Old Man ornament.

Jennifer said...

Pretty tree ornies. I usually put some peppermints on mine as a finish and a very old angel on top of the tree.


Jennifer said...

Am totally doing this. Eventually.