Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Right

You may have noticed that I'm not yakking away obsessing  fretting about how many Christmas gifts I have to make. With only TWENTY SIX days to go! That's because this year, I decided not to make any of our gifts. None.

And it feels weird.

It's strange to read about others who are trying to figure out how to get it all done. Remember when I was her?  The frenzy! The sweatshop in the dining room! The last minute gift substitutions. Now I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. There's something cold about being out here; something warm and fuzzy about being in there. And because I'm a little crazy, in my mind's eye, I look like the little matchstick girl from one of my children's books.

But I don't miss the stress even a little.

I hope my gift recipients can forgive me.


Rachel M said...

I was going down that same thought - little to no homemade gifts this year but the in-laws thought of a good idea for us adults and gift exchange this year - exchanging edibles.

Three of us are already dusting off recipes.

Jennifer said...

I'm not into the homemade gifts this year either. I can't fathom stitching/sewing for myself right now much less all of those gifts.

Maybe next year......

Anonymous said...

We have cut down on the gifts altogether except for the grandkids. No homemade at all although I am picking out stockings to do for the two boys for next year.

I sent each child a gift of a quilt for their beds (purchased) with some odds and ends. That leaves me with DH. Tools will fit him and I puchased my gift from him already. Can't take all that stress from Christmas any more

Mary in TN

doris said...

There's plenty of frenzy this time of year, even without the gift-making.