Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awwwwwww nuts

Yesterday, I ran around looking at paving stones. I replanted two lilies (displaced by the path construction). I did three loads of laundry and forced myself to fold almost all of them. Last night I dined for the dogs. (A local restaurant was donating a portion of profits to the animal rescue organization I work for.) When I got home, eyes heavy, I blogged about why you should adopt an older cat instead of a kitten. Then I shut off the computer and fell heavy headed into bed.

I forgot to blog here. Sigh. There goes the NaBloPoMo.

Okay, two more days to get that anniversary present finished. Gotta stitch.


Mouse said...

hheheh really must wear glasses when reading blogs and not when reallllllyyy late.... read it as dining with the dogs and thought oh ooo hh what have you done now heheheh ... hope you are feeling a bit more with it now and get your present done on time :) love mousexxxxx

Peggy Lee said...

I happen to have at my disposal a "Laundry putter-awayer-boy". He's quite handy!

Alice said...

Dang. I think you should get a do over, as you were out in a very good cause, which subsequently caused your distraction/fatigue. Intent has to count for something.... at least in this case. I hope this doesn't mean you have given up totally, as I do enjoy a daily post.