Saturday, May 07, 2011

And I Still Didn't Get the Frames

Yesterday, I had a a busy day trying to make up for the candy making session. About that--I'm so sorry I confused you by putting up a picture of real sea glass. Ours is good but not that good!

Before I started running errands, I attended Tea and Stitch at the library. Apparently someone hasn't gotten the memo about political talk (and it's not me!). There was some grumbling about a proposed mileage tax*, and my pal who is being treated for cancer** said with great good humor, "Oh, stop listening to the Tea Party!" And that promptly ended the conversation. I like how she can do that. I hope when I am her age I'll have learned that skill. After that our conversation was interesting enough yet innocuous.

From stitching, I ran to the vet to pick up the dog's prescription, delivered the knives and mower blades to the sharpener, and brought my dress to be altered. The seamstress was a hot tamale (peperoncino?). She was telling me and another woman getting a bridesmaid's dress altered that "In my country, you no divorce. You can keel your a husband, but no divorce." You had to hear her delivery. She said, "you can keel your a husband" like it was a statement of fact. She was a pip. She fixed my dress in a day and charged me $29 which is a fraction of the cost of the original tailoring. I'll be going back to her for sure. I have to find out how her marriage turned out. ;) I headed home for some sustenance then back out to get cash, mail my mother's day present, pick up wine, run through the car wash, and retrieve the retriever. The car had to be cleaned because the dude and I actually went out to dinner with another couple. Shock. It seems we have friends! (Unfortunately, I left our wine in the know all the best places in this part of Pennsylvania are byob, right?)

Tonight, after a long day of working in the yard, we went to play bingo to support the Animal Coalition of Delaware County. You know how we love to play bingo in this house. I actually won tonight...and the dude won twice! Sissy and Jersey came with us, and Sissy won too. Jersey was the biggest loser. My cousin and her husband would've*** come but they are fostering a puppy right now, as important as fundraising, perhaps moreso. I'm glad I've been able to get the whole family involved with the cause!

Tomorrow is the Day of the Slug in the van Schurman household. Okay, I may make a phone call, but that is it!

* First proposed in 2009 by Ray LaHood, the idea has been taken up again. That was reported in the mainstream news about a month and a half ago. My friend is right, the Tea Party has recently come out against it. Always with the finger on the pulse.

**She's almost through her radiation. (Thursday would have been her last but there was a computer glitch.) Her speech is much improved, and she recently started driving again, so she'll be joining us more often. Yay!

***See what I did there?


riona said...

I am just curious ... why is a contraction [***] noteworthy? Or have I missed the point entirely?

In any case, sounds like you had a very busy day. I'd like a referral to your dressmaker ... she sounds like she'd be worth the trip from metro NY.

Donna said...


You did what you should've!


Annemarie said...

I'm exhausted now. Just from reading what you've been up to lately. Now go and sit down for a bit.

Alice said...

Death is easier than divorce I guess. If you ever find out how her marriage turned out, please share. I am glad that the dress is done! Cross that off the list.

Jenna said...

Awesome news about the dress. That sounds like one heck of a seamstress, on multiple levels. What a kick!