Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness and April Showers

Under normal circumstances, I would have left obscenely early this morning for Oklahoma. My friend DD would have met me at the Tulsa airport for the drive out to the Wagoner Wal-Mart, the last stop for water and jelly beans before we hit Sequoyah State Park for a weekend of stitching with our pals at the Silver Needle. {Sigh.} It was just too difficult to justify the trip this year especially given how I thought I would have had a damn job by now. I really thought I'd be the new girl with no vacation days to spend on something as frivolous important to my sanity as stitching. The good news is the dude is away this weekend. I plan on getting some serious numb butt. Of course, I have planned to go to stamping tomorrow night, and I need to head to New York with my sister for her first fitting. But the rest of the weekend (LOL) will be for stitching.

March Goals:
  1. Finish a page of the marquoir.--Close, I screwed up the H and need to take half of it out. 
  2. Finish-finish one three projects. (Let's try to catch up.)--Maybe I should put aside a weekend for this.
  3. Finish Love, Me (due May 14th)--Done!
  4. Finish S&BF, Winter Peace--Done!
  5. Work on City Stitcher, Willow Trees Sampler--I have started some of the sampler (numbers) and added leaves to the tree.
In April
  1. Finish a page of the marquoir
  2. Finish-finish four projects
  3. Work on City Stitcher, Willow Trees Sampler
  4. Work on With Thy Needle and Thread, Hoppin' Along Sampler
  5. Work on Lizzie*Kate's Dog Lessons for People
I'm so glad there's enthusiasm for the challenge. I'll try to remind you throughout the spring (when it gets here) and summer so the deadline won't bite you in the ass. Like it would me.


Robin said...

Congratulations on finishing your Love, Me Sampler! It turned out awesome!

Robin in Virginia

mainely stitching said...

You're rockin' this month!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaooooooh! I miss you. Next year?!


Anonymous said...

I love Love, Me! It's fantastic.

Mona said...

We will miss you....won't be the same without you. L and M

Alice said...

I'm sorry you are missing your stitching GTG. Love Me is gorgeous! I hope you do get some numb butt this weekend.

C in DC said...

Your "Love Me" is terrific.

Jenna said...

Love, Me is beautiful! And, of course, I already drooled over Winter Peace in the previous post. That reminds me, I need to start Dog Lessons for People, but I have no scroll rods to spare right now. I'll either have to buy more or suck it up and try using Q-Snaps. One way or the other, I'll have to get started so that we can motivate each other.

Rhona said...

Your samoler looks awesome. Hope you get plenty time to stitch this weekendp

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your finish is darling! I"m sorry about the whole job thing - I can't really imagine how stressful that must be. Sounds like you have a lot going on to keep you busy for the next little while.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your finish is gorgeous. I like the idea of a numb butt, I just might have to join you.