Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm so happy to be able to bring you the joy that is Maggie. I find what amuses "you people" as perplexing as she does. Still if I can provide inspiration or humor to you, it is my duty.

Love, Me
Hands to Work
Called for fibers and fabric
While we were in Florida--well, mostly when we were on the plane home from Florida--I worked on "Love, Me" for Sissy and Jersey. This is working up quickly.

Our trip was nice. It was wonderful to go outside without jackets on. (How disappointing to be home and have to suit up to walk the dog.) But it wasn't quite warm enough to lay by the pool. We went fishing one day and accompanied my mother on the Venice house tour another. And Bingo--how could I forget the bingo? But mostly we did the kind of hanging out with family that we tend to do. And we ate. A lot. 


Colorado Stitcher said...

Glad you had a nice visit with family!

Alice said...

Sounds like a great visit! Better weather than home and eating! Love, Me is looking good.

Megan said...

The stitching looks great! I love the colors!

Jenna said...

I still can't get over the fact that your parents now live in the same little city in FL that my dad and his wife do. What a small country. I didn't realize that you were going down there; thought you were going up to Maggie's. Glad you had a good time, though; I know that Stella did! Love, Me is coming along really nicely. You'll have it done in no time. You'll have it framed by Lise? Anything special?