Monday, January 31, 2011

Monthly Review

Yearly Goals I Got a Jump on in January:
  1. Crazy January Challenge. I started fifteen new projects, and for good measure went back to 15 WIPs.
  2. Work on the marquoir--finish one page (of the 22 remaining) each month. I finished one, and almost finished a second.
  3. Finish-finish one project a month
  4. Complete one quarter of my WIPs (see below)--or four. I didn't plan on getting one done this month, but I did! Three to go!
For February:
  1. Finish a page of the marquoir.
  2. Finish-finish one project.
  3. Work on Love, Me (due May 14th)
  4. FinishJust Nan, Owl Winder Pocket
  5. Finish Just Nan, Screamy Mimi
  6. Finish Heartland House, Tree of Life Window

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