Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day Three

Star Light Star Bright
Little by Little Designs
DMC floss
R&R Blue Moon Java 35-count linen

True confessions: I had actually started this when the girls went to Kleinfeld's to buy my sister's wedding dress. We took a local train from New Jersey, and I planned to stitch on the train. Unfortunately, it was a local train. It was a little hard to stitch, so I didn't get very far that day.

Last night, however, I got to that singular purple color (DMC 3746). Love it! This one is so colorful.

This morning I went to see who some of my followers are. Many of you I know and read, but many others were new to me (and many of you have been added to my reader). What a motley crew you are! Everyone from feminists to stay-at-home homeschooling Christian moms. Okay that makes it seem like those two are complete opposed which they aren't necessarily. (They just are in my experience.) Honestly, I'm not sure I understand it but hey, it's good to have you at the party.


Marcy said...

wow -- what a gorgeous color!

Alice said...

Nice fabric!
What I like about blogs is that so many people from a wondrous variety of backgrounds can all get together and be pleasant to each other... whether feminists, stay at homes, or feminist stay at homes!

Love that purple.

Miriam said...

Not necessarily opposed: I believe I do know one stay-at-home christian feminist mom! She doesn't homeschool, though. Her son is only 2!

I can't quite picture the design yet from this, though I dutifully gave it the tilted-head-puzzled-look stare. I like to guess what your patterns will look like eventually, wheel-of-fortune-educated-guessing style.

mainely stitching said...

Okay, Anna, this has got to stop! I keep seeing these FABULOUS starts on different blogs that I LOVE ... and that I actually have (unstitched!!) in my stash. Because this one you've begun is one of my faves and I've had it kitted up for about 5 years, it is here that I must draw the line. LOL. Great start. Betcha you get yours done before I even get mine started!

Glenna said...

What a great color--is it that intense IRL?

Linen Stitcher said...

I think I'll have to start my own category, which is Editors Who Also Stitch. (We both fit that definition, don't we?) I'm not an official follower, but I am an unofficial one. I haven't declared myself a follower of any blog, but because my Google Reader works so well, I'm still a regular visitor to many, yours included.

Sherry :o) said...

I am a relatively new follower of your blog and I must say, Anna, I always smile or laugh - out loud. Love looking at your new projects - keep the photos coming!

Michelle said...

OOh, pretty start! Love the colors.

Anna van Schurman said...

Linen Stitcher...only in so far as it is a career option. :(

Jenna said...

I love the fabric color, as well. The purple against it with the light outline is lovely!

As for your response to Linen Stitcher, keep your chin up! A great job will come your way and you're laying down the foundation with the networking you been doing.