Friday, January 07, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day Six

See how far away from the selvage the stitching is?
Love, Me
Hands to Work
40 ct something (Calls for Autumn Gold)
Called for Crescent Colour and WDW threads

A two hour edition of Human Target (it's silly but I love Mark Valley) gave me ample opportunity to get started on the present picked by the happy couple. As I was taking the last stitches, I noticed something odd. The leaf, which is really the bottom of the design seemed oddly high on the fabric. I took a look at the pattern. The designer provided an alphabet for personalization. And instead of marking the middle of the design, she marked the middle of the pattern. (See for yourself, below.) So everything I stitched has to come out.

Photographic evidence of the misplaced
center dot. The pattern falls completely
within the outlined rectangle.
Today I met Catherine and Brett (no blog--newbie stitcher--she can even carry ALL her patterns to the cross-stitch store with her) at the Strawberry Sampler. Of course we shopped. I got a couple of things I needed for the challenge and a few things I didn't even need like Nikyscreation's Flowers and a new pair of pretty scissors. Then we went and had lunch.

Eventually we were asked to leave because we were having too much fun. As it turned out, the school buses were coming and we (well, they) really did have to go. We talked about everything from what I should do in my career (morning drive radio show) to colons to my grandmother's "pie" to what little boys think is in their scrota. It was a blast. We should do it more often, but I'm pretty sure a $70 lunch isn't part of any of our budgets. We might have to cut out the trip to the cross-stitch store (say it ain't so!).


Susan said...

Trying to remember when I could easily transport all of my stash. . .I can't even remember when all of my stash was in one box. I'm sure Brett will get with the program soon enough and give our stashes a run for the money.

Sounds like a fun day!

valerie said...

Ugh, I hate when the design isn't centered properly! Sounds like you had a great time. I love meeting stitchers. Have a nice weekend!

Lee said...

So glad that you had a nice day with fellow stitchers! And I feel your pain with all that ripping to do. Ugh.

Glenna said...

Poor Brett--pretty soon she'll need to have a u-haul for that stash like the rest of us. As for lunch--between skipping the needlework or the lunch--c'mon, we can live without food.

And I've got to tell you, the longer I stay home (a big three weeks now), the more unsuited I feel to going back "out there." I told Tom today that I'm working on my agoraphobia skills.

Lelia said...

So much fun to spend time with stitchers shopping, chatting, and having a terrific lunch.

Have you seen The Drawn Thread's Alphabet pattern? Oh my, it looks lovely.

Catherine said...

Yes, I think it is a must that we do that again - however, we can always brown bag it and sit on curb outside the Sampler!

jhm said...

I saw your comment on Lake Stitcher's blog. Your name may not be in lights but it is on my new blog since I enjoy reading yours so much.

Alice said...

I'm sorry you have to rip out all your hard work.
I am curious, what do little boys think is in their scrota?

Donna said...

I do remember when all my stash fit in one drawer. That was 15 years ago when I started stitching again after a 3 year break. I, too, had to start over with one piece when I got to the top of the heart, the two sides didn't meet correctly. Always a bummer.

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, that really sucks that you have to rip all of that out. The centers were probably marked automatically by the charting program. She should have split it into two separate charts for printing. Bummer. :(

When did Catherine get a blog? I'm thinking of the right Catherine, right? If so, I'd love to get together with you guys the next time you go out! Since I work primarily from home right now and probably will continue to do so for the rest of the winter and/or until my PT is finished, I can shape my work hours around daytime activities more.

Anonymous said...

I think Human target is a great guilty pleasure :) ANd it's one of those shows you can easily stitch to as you don't need to focus on what's going on too much