Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day Fifteen

Cricket Collection
Blue Ridge 10-count Betsy Ross
Called for threads, including the alternate Sheep's Silk and Sampler Threads

R&R has discontinued the overdyed Tula, but very helpful reader Beth tried to hook me up with some. Unfortunately, I had already rushed out and found a substitute, a darker blue Betsy Ross.

I love Cricket Collection charts, but I hardly ever stitch them. So far this is fun, even though, man, is it hard to find Sheep's Silk.

The new starts of the Crazy January Challenge have come to an end. And now begins the hard work of finishing them all.

Of course, some of you are keeping track of those other 15 projects that I have carried over (and in some cases, carried over and carried over and carried over). Many of them we haven't seen since 2006 when I photographed all of my UFO/WIPs. I don't want to distress you, so for the next 15 days, I'll work on those projects. 

That only takes us to January 30th, so I am going to work two days on the marquoir, since I have a secondary goal for that one (finish one page a month). If you like, I am joining Up for a Challenge unofficially...and without the goal of finishing all 15 WIPs. My New Year's goal is to finish only four of those.

Today, I turn to the Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania. I did work on these over Christmas. I finished March which you may recognize is not the March leprechaun but an adaptation of the Wee Shamrock. I was a little freaked out by the tiny Irishman. And who doesn't want to use the (discontinued) WDW Ladybug to stitch...lady bugs!

I almost completed December, but for some reason, the color for the nose was too close to the face color, so I decided to wait until I got home to complete it. Finally, I made a small start on September on the plane ride home, and I'll see how far I can get today.


Karen said...

You have some great starts for the Challenge! Can't wait to see the finishes....

happy stitching...

Robin said...

Great start on your 15 in 2011. You made good progress on each one. Not to sure if I need the stress of finishing 15 WIP's but I applaud your efforts.

The Queen Bee said...

I'm with you on the March piece. LOVE your change. Very clever.


RuthB said...

I love your Ladybug as ladybugs... I too find the leprechauns a little creepy.

Good luck on all those new starts. I just couldn't face them, but I'll look forward to seeing your 4 Up for the Challenge finishes :)

mainely stitching said...

Woohoo, Anna! You're rolling along, and I love your continuing challenge! For myself, I'm going to dedicate the first few days of each month to these WIPs and UFOs until they are done.

Alice said...

Sounds like a great plan! I like the cheeky smile on this last project.

Giovanna said...

Well done on keeping up the challenge - wonderful projects!