Sunday, January 09, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day Eight

Button Border Pumpkins
Sisters and Best Friends
fabric: more from the stash
Called for threads

I didn't finish cleaning yesterday. First I got tired, then I felt nauseated. It only seems like housework makes us feel that way every time we do it. Anyway, that just left too much to do today. I hate it when that happens. I doubt I'll get much stitched on my Day Nine start.

I have many Sisters charts in my stash but I don't know that I've ever finished one. I once sent a Sisters pattern away for a RR but it's been stolen by Bonnie Prisbrey. Yup, she has three of my round robins. The fourth is with friends, and I like to think it is safe even though we are years late with the stitching. (Yours is, dd*.) At any rate, I think I have mourned the loss of that RR enough that I can start a new Sisters piece (or two).

*by which I do not mean 'dear daughter' those are just her initials


Terri said...

Great Start

Annemarie said...

I love all of your starts, but Winter Peace and Button Border Pumpkins are my favourites. Sisters rule (rules?)!

Alice said...

It seems to me that you were just sick, so shouldn't overdo any of that cleaning stuff. You wouldn't want to make yourself sick again. Listen to your body.

Anonymous said...

Nice starts... you're doing great on the challenge! How does a lady steal THREE rr pieces?! Does no one live close enough to her to go knock on her door for you? I would, if she were unfortunate enough to live here in Winfield :)

mainely stitching said...

Great start!

Someone really has three RRs?

Lelia said...

You are moving along in the challenge - I am enjoying seeing what stitchers choose. As the year unfolds, there will be terrific finishes.

Melissa said...

I've had a RR go missing, I know exactly where it's at but the last person known to have it has denied it for years. Funny thing this same person has another friend's RR and she blamed that on me. I wasn't even in that that happened, who no more RRs for me because this RR was with people I've known forever, met in real life, so it's really left me a bit leary of the experience even though I enjoy participating.

You are doing great with your challenges! And for the record, housework always makes me sick, LOL

Jenna said...

If you ever want to do another RR at some point, I'd be willing to lend a hand. It's good to participate with people whose place of residence in known to you so that you can track them down and strangle them. :)

Seriously, though, I can see how she got into one RR, and even a second one, with you, but three? How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

I have a few S&BF charts in my stash that I've almost started, that I really want to stitch, but haven't gotten there yet.

I love that you outed Bonnie Prisbrey by name. Don't stop. Of course I Googled her and found out that she stitches for Stitches 'N' Stones. I wonder how they get their projects back from her?

Anonymous said...

maybe you should contact the place she stitches for. I know a lady that had a lady in a group she was in try and keep several ladies pieces. They sent the police to her door. Funny how that made them suddenly show up. I don't have a blog but I've ben trying to do the 15 in 15. I failed at it, LOL! As a starter but not always a finisher I felt like this was a sure thing, wrong! Good luck, Carmie