Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year Ahead

Goals for the upcoming year:
  1. Find a job. 
  2. Crazy January Challenge. I have already had to make a substitution: I need to think about the fabric for Christian's Stocking. (I used Adam Originals pre-made stockings for the first five--but what should I do for the new one now that those stockings are unavailable?) I will be doing Little by Little's Star Light, Star Bright instead. 
  3. Work on the marquoir--finish one page (of the 22 remaining) each month. I need to increase this goal in order to make better progress.
  4. Finish-finish one project a month.
  5. Complete one quarter of my WIPs (see below)--or four.
  6. Learn to crochet.
  7. Become proficient in Photoshop.

The WIPs List:
  1. Moss Creek, Elizabethan Rose
  2. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania (September)
  3. Heartland House, Tree of Life Window
  4. Linda Jary, Majestic Rooster
  5. Nutmeg Needle, Treasured Tulips
  6. Liz Turner Diehl, 16th Century Knot Garden
  7. Bent Creek, Snowman Stocking
  8. Watercolor Geranium
  9. Theresa Layman, Mermaid
  10. Mirabilia, Emerald Mermaid
  11. Corinne and Gigi, Marquoir bleu et rouge
  12. Dimensions, Santa kit
  13. Dimple's Designs, St. Basil's Cathedral
  14. Heart's Content, Merry and Bright
  15. Hardanger Napkin Rings
Happy New Year, everyone

All best for a happy, healthy, stitchy 2011.

See you soon with the first of my Crazy January projects. 


Arlene said...

Hi - I've been reading your blog for some time now, but have never commented before. But, please know how much I appreciate the enjoyment that you (and others) bring to my days by the wealth of fun, conversation, and sharing that takes place on needlework blogs.

I have had a question for a long time and I decided this morning to finally answer it: could you clarify what your marquior piece is? A picture or a link to an earlier post that describes it? I am that much more intrigued to hear about the description used by your stitching friends who have seen it each month.

Many thanks, Arlene in NJ

Jackie said...

I would love to see you work on and post photos of your St. Basil. Mine is also a WIP of too many years.
Maybe we can spur each other on. It is sucha beautiful piece!
My new venture will attempting a blog. I'll let you know when it starts.

Meadows08 said...

Happy New Year!

Caroline said...

I really like your list of 15 and look forward to your updates! Happy New Year Ms. Stitch Bitch - may you find your job and find stitchy bliss.

Siobhan said...

Wishing you all the best in 2011! I will be excited to watch your progress on your crazy list. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Arlene, If you click here you should be able to find all the posts I've labeled French marquoir. "Marquoir" is just French for sampler, and it's a biggie--33"x41" on 40 count fabric. It's a free pattern found online; you can find links to it in some of the earlier posts. But you do remind me that I need to keep posting photos of it, even if my progress is glacial. :) Thanks for reading!

Anna van Schurman said...

Jackie, when you start your blog, I'll consider it. Right now St. Basil's is one of the projects that has the fewest stitches in it, and I seem to be motivated by 1) starting and 2) finishing. I fear it's destined to languish a little longer. :)

Glenna said...

Happy New Year! Best of luck on the resolutions--the only one of mine I can probably keep is to stitch a lot. And fortunately, BF doesn't read my blog, or he'd require that I move "get a job" up to #1 spot instead of last spot.

valerie said...

Happy New Year! Best of luck on your goals and WIPs!

Katrina said...

Happy New Year!!!! Great projects and goals too :-).

Von said...

Wishing you all the best in 2011, Anna! May you achieve your goals and then some. :)

Giovanna said...

Have a great stitchy 2011!

C in DC said...

I'm amused that you are starting the year by doubling your WIP list. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

I could probably help you with #6.