Thursday, December 23, 2010


Oops. I promised to tell you about the Pollyanna and then got distracted by living my crazy life. Some ladies gave everyone something. I got a set of notecards and a little knitting bag ornament complete with miniature needles and knitting magazines. I'd show you the lollipop and the gingerbread cookie, but they've been eaten.

I regifted a pillow my MIL bought us that said "Just hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt." The woman who won it loved it, and I think it is wrong for people to diss regifting.

I got a crochet amiguri kit. So it looks like I will be learning to crochet in the new year.


Kristen said...

That's a cute kit! Nothing wrong with re-gifting, especially in cases where - like this one - the person getting the (re)gift really loves it. That's thoughtful re-gifting.

Happy Festivus! :D

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Yes, that's the key - "thoughtful" regifting! I, too , want to learn more crochet in 2011. Just because it looks like you can do more with it... Not necessarily these creatures... but hopefully more than I can do with knitting (simple scarf is my limit).

C in DC said...

I too think it's wrong to diss re-gifting. If you're regifting to an exchange or to someone you know will appreciate the gift, what's the issue? You can always say that you're being "green". :-)

I have a friend who's family only re-gifts. There's a set of china that moves between them on a regular basis.

valerie said...

The fish crochet kit looks fun!

I think people should stop dissing regifting too. I just regifted this gorgeous bath/spa arrangement. I don't like scented products since I'm allergic. The lady I gifted it to just lit up and said she loved what I gave her last year...which was also a regift. If you find the right person to regift to, it makes everybody happy.

Merry Christmas!

Alice said...

Regifting works for me too. That looks like a cute kit!

Susan said...

There's nothing wrong with re-gifting! You've made someone happy and freed up some space in your house-a real win-win situation.