Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How am I Doing?

By December 23:

  • Sew green coasters
  • Sew brown coasters
  • Sew blue coasters
  • Make owl pillow
  • Make milk bath
  • Make foot soak
  • Make sea salt scrub
  • Make pet t-shirts
  • Make and send Christmas cards
  • Make remote holder pillow
  • Think of gifts for two nephews who aren't into Harry Potter
Not bad! I am pleased.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Well done, girlfriend! I'll bet you have all else done by the EOM.

KarenV said...

Looking good!

Peggy Lee said...

you are doing far better than I

Alice said...

You are ahead of the game... how many cards do you have to make?

Melissa said...

YGG! I've been searching for my Harry Potter cross stitch book because I know there's an owl or two in there of course but I can't find it, it's in a bucket somewhere.

There's a neat owl pillow that Anna made over at She also did some owl garland. She used wool felt and some needlefelting.

Lelia said...

lots of progress on your list ... me, I haven't even started the list!