Friday, November 12, 2010

Feeling Fresh

Abbey Lane, Beneath the Sea
Thanks for commiserating with me on today's "procedure." I took Terri's story to the OR with me today, and everyone was cracking up. Dr. O told me he once had a patient who had a graffiti-style tattoo on his cheeks "Eat" on one side and "Sh*t" on the other. Nice. The guy told the doctor that message was not meant for him. As Coni mentioned, I brought home some pictures of my creamy colon (that's actually the color it should be) but I'm guessing you don't want to see them. Heck, I didn't really want to see them. Things aren't perfect in there, but they're pretty good. Which sometimes is the best we can hope for.

I'm working on Beneath the Sea. Here's how Monique stitched it, which is closer to the original. I don't remember if I saw it stitched this way, or if it popped into my head to do it this way, but it will be perfect for my mother.

She stole my father's Vegas box. Clearly she needs one of her own. Her bedroom in Maine is painted a sort of mushroom color with lots of creamy white furniture. The bathroom is loaded with mermaids. I think this will be a perfect gift!

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Alice said...

I'm glad it went well Anna. I am way the heck behind on my reading, so I confess I didn't actually think of you on the day... but I'm still glad. I've never been to Maine. It is on my list.