Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Does that Make Me Crazy?

I'm about 97% sure that I am going to join the Risti Pisto Hassutus 2011. What's that? Your Finnish is wanting? Why it's the Crazy January Challenge of 2011! For the first 15 days of the new year, I'll start a new design with the goal of eventually finishing everything in 2011.

I know I have a WIP pile that I've been trying to reduce. But I want to do new things. Ones from my stash pile that I yearn to start whenever I look through my goods.

Of course I started planning. My number one rule was no BAPs--I have the marquoir, and it's going to be a priority in 2011. I did try to acknowledge that I have quite a collection of pumpkin charts, snowman charts, and willow tree samplers; all of them are well-represented on this list. I included the stitch count; I could simply strike out the largest seven to get down to 15 but that seems short sighted. Yes, the smaller all the projects are, the more likely I'll finish all the projects in 2011. And yet...every good stitcher knows that some projects of 100x100 may have more stitches than a project that's 185x186. Besides you can't populate your stitching basket only with smalls; that's stacking the deck.
  1. With Thy Needle and Thread, Hoppin' Along Sampler (126x78)
  2. Sheepish Designs, That Dern Parrot (77x77)
  3. Sampler Collection, Willow Trees Sampler (147x158)
  4. Sheepish Designs, Scarry [sic] Wabbit (98x54)
  5. Out on the Porch, Hey Diddle Diddle? {JCS 10/03} (99x91)
  6. Sisters & BFs Button Border Pumpkins (80x80)
  7. Cricket Collection, Frost (65x126)
  8. Cricket Collection, Great Pumpkin Conspiracy (247x139)
  9. Sisters & BFs Winter Peace (59x115)
  10. With Thy Needle and Thread, Miss Snow Fairy (112x112)
  11. Shepherd's Bush, Blue Snowman (69x90)
  12. City Stitcher, Weeping Tree Sampler (219x191)
  13. Just Nan, Tricky Tweets {Screamy Mimi}(46 x 27)
  14. Just Nan, Owl Winder Pocket (106x41)
  15. With My Needle, Abigail's Wisdom (122 x 93)
  16. Giulia Punti Antichi, Deruta 2 biscornu (78x78)
  17. Lizzie*Kate, Dog Lessons for People (162x110)
  18. Lilybet, Lady Gray (143x132)
  19. Mill Hill "Sticks" Love Me, Love My Dog (100x100)
  20. Raise the Roof, Off the Deep End (185x186)
  21. Heart in Hand, Fall Fobs (44x62, 21x36, 37x26)
  22. JBW, French Country Pumpkin (55x59)

I know you like to give advice, so tell me: which should stay? Which should go?


Hillery said...

This sounds exactly like what I do all the time. A bit crazy, no way!!! Go for it. I'd join ya, but I have at least 15 WIP's going already. Can't wait to see what you choose.

Glenna said...

I'm a purist (or a sampler snob), so without cheating and looking at each of these projects online (although I'll do that next), I'd say Sheepish Designs/Lilybet/Sampler Collection/City Stitcher/With thy Needle. Then Mill Hill "Sticks," which I've seen on your site and think is cute, Cricket Collection which I collect also--love the colors in their stuff--and JBW. I'd jettison--again without looking--Just Nan, because I don't generally care for her designs. Sounds like fun--hmmm--maybe I should join you. But I'll up you one condition: you have to be able to kit it up from your stash--no trip to the LNS.

Anna van Schurman said...

Well, Glenna, I have 8 of them kitted (or they are kits). But that means I have to do the Just Nans.

Jackie said...

Go with the already started and kitted - have to make something easy. IF that isn't enough, then look for something that isn't already represented or is underrepresented (i.e. samplers, cutesy, geometric, whatever). THere needs to be a variety to keep you motivated.

Sounds like fun. I may join you.


Lee said...

The thought of this makes me feel a little dizzy...but you have much more stick-to-it-ivness than I do. Good luck!

Silverlotus said...

On one hand, I think this is a great idea. On the other hand, I think "Gah! I have so much started already." I'm going to sit out this challenge, but I'll eagerly watch your progress.

I'm thinking maybe drop the Lizzie*Kate Dog Lessons for People since it is big-ish. And, maybe Cricket Collection Great Pumpkin Conspiracy for the same reason.

Sharon said...

You have such a great mix of projects on this list - so hard to choose. I say just mix and match and as long as you're happy and enjoying the journey, go for it! We'll be watching your progress and cheering you on! :)

Sherry :o) said...

I have done the JBW, French Country Pumpkin - it was a fun, quick stitch so I'd keep that one.

I love the list idea...have to think about that...

Lennu said...

Great to see you joining too!! I think this is a brilliant idea, I haven't been this excited about anything for a long time and I become easily excited.

Choose 14 largest ones :) and then the smallest one, so that you will actually be able to finish something next year. One finish is enough, though. Absolutely.

Alice said...

Yup. You are more than a little crazy. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. What fun! I wish I could join, because I have so many projects I'd love to do and I do love love love a new start. However I am trying desperately to kill a few of my WIPs and I already have a full rotation. I will reluctantly stick to my rules and wait until I finish something to add something new.

I vote for Love me, Love my Dog.

Robin said...

Geez! It might be easier to go the route of what you absolutely love and eliminate that way then to try to pick which ones to eliminate. I'd like to try this challenge for myself but less ambiously and AFTER the WIP pile is smaller. Good luck

C in DC said...

I would drop #1, 4, 6, 7, 13, 17, & 18

Here's why: 1 & 10 are by the same designer, as are 4 & 2, 6 & 9, 7 & 8, and 13 & 14. I preferred 10, 2, 9, 8, and 14 for various reasons (mostly for variety). I just can't get excited by 18 - Lady Gray, and I'm not a fan of Lizzie*Kate.

My "must keeps" on your list are 3, 12, 14, & 22.

Billie said...

Nope, you are not crazy. Just look at the WIP list on my blog. I even considered joining the challenge, but I am moving at the end of January and will be busy with packing and other great stuff *yuck* As for the selection, just follow your gut ;-)

Hugs Billie

Jenna said...

My mind has still been racing around this idea since you mentioned it Friday night. I am contemplating it. I would still rather take on some sort of challenge to finish a set number of current WIPs for the year, though. Maybe I should start my own challenge?

As for your list, the two that get into the 200 range in stitch count in one dimension or the other would scare me. But then, I'm not stitching a "blanket" as people at Stitching at the Ford seem to like to call your marquoir project.

CalamityJr said...

You like them all, so kit them all, then pick the one you most want to do each day!

Susan said...

I'm pretty sure this is a form of craziness, but if you're not harming anyone, who cares? I'd probably throw out one of the Just Nan's since her designs, although small, are densely stitched and do take some time (at least for me).

I really considered joining you on this adventure, but I'm still recovering from the "guilt-free January" of a *few* years ago.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am tempted but I already have over 20 wips, and most, if not all, are baps.