Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enchanted Tiki Room

So I guess no one liked the wreath as much as I do. You people have no taste.

I have made a leap to Twitter for the not-so-hypothetical future when I have a job again. Tweeting is a skill (?) I clearly need to have in my arsenal. You can follow me @stitchbeetch. If you follow, you'll see that I am emerging from the anonymity I wore like a shroud for the first six years of blogging. Real name. Real photo.

But wait, what's with the tiki? Remember the old school Disney attraction the Enchanted Tiki Room, known in Florida as Tropical Serenade? When the bird mobile was lowered, they would sing, "Let's all sing like the birdies sing/tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet." For some reason, whenever people talk about tweeting, that song comes into my head. Kind of like Homer and the Meow Mix song. Sigh.

With any luck, you'll be as happy that I'm sharing insights like that in 140 characters as I will be to have them out of my head.


Jeanne said...

Ha! I was just at Disneyland last weekend and I made hubby go with me to the Tiki Room - it's still just the same with Fifi, Gigi and the others singing that song. I think it's time for Disney to retire that attraction. :)

Kathryn said...

I love the TIki Room and tiki bars and tiki mugs and tiki drinks. There are two tiki seats near our front door.

So you are followed by kd9. Don't expect much posting from me. 140 characters is WAY too short.

Kristen said...

I thkn the wreath is adorable! I've really love orange.

As for Twitter, I'm not a convert. I think 'tweet' should only be used as a verb if a bird is involved. (And no, I'm not a Luddite.)

Siobhan said...

I've been on Twitter for awhile but am still unsure of what I think about it. I suppose I take the same approach to Twitter that I do with Facebook... I read everybody else's posts and rarely do my own.

My MIL does the same pose as Maggie. She says it's so that everybody thinks we're having fun and aren't boring. I'm not sure if anybody believes the charade.

Donna said...

Last night I remembered that the discussion of craft vs. textile arts was in a designers' forum.

Barbara said...

I don't tweet, but I'm glad you've cast off the shrouds of anonymity!

Jenna said...

I'm shocked that you have opted for realism in your Twitter profile! I'm now following you, BTW, but I never tweet or log into Twitter, so it's worth ... absolutely nothing. Oh, and Disney totally messed with the Tiki Room in WDW. There's no more "tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet."