Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Pea Asks

Jennifer at Sweet Pea Stitches wondered:
  • Who do you stitch for? Do you stitch more for yourself, or for gifts? I used to stitch gifts almost exclusively but I've become more selfish over the years.
  • Do you stitch with a finishing idea in mind, and do you favor one technique more than any other? (For instance, do you mostly stitch ornaments, or are you more of a framed piece person?) I never start with a finishing idea; I mostly finish gifts as framed pieces so they can go under glass.
  • Do you display your finished pieces in your environment (home, office, etc.)? Yes, at last.
  • Do you automatically think "stitch" when it comes to a gift, or are you particular about who you will stitch for? I always think "stitch" first for weddings. I will stitch for just about anyone, but time is the biggest constraint. (Cf.  my sister only gave me eight months or so.)
  • How do you choose what to stitch for someone else? I go by what I think matches their taste.
  • Have you ever had a gift rejected, or received in a way that hurt your feelings or surprised you? Oooh. Looks like a Maggie Monday story. But also, I did have a friend pass on the news that another friend didn't want a stitched gift. Her loss.
  • Is there someone you enjoy stitching for, or someone you will never stitch for again? I love stitching for my family.

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