Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer of Love: Then Comes the Baby Carriage

Mosey N Me, Love Blocks * Bent Creek, You are My Sunshine * Leisure Arts, Big Book of Baby Bibs

To win, answer this question honestly: Is there such a thing as an ugly baby?


Kat said...

That's a great question! I think it depends on how closely related you are to the baby! For example, all of my nieces are GORGEOUS! But, I have seen a Gollum or two in my life.

Beauty aside, they all SMELL heavenly!



Anonymous said...

As an only child, with no children so there are very few children I am related too -- I can say yes, there are, I've seen a few of them, although I have some gorgeous babies too ... Now puppies? I have never seen a puppy that is anything less then adorable.

Jennifer said...

Since we are going to start trying for a beautiful baby I really need to start collecting some good baby charts!

I just hope that I don't have one of those ugly babies. (Yup....they really are out there!)

Ama said...

We had a distant distant relative who left us some ancient photos and in there was the ugliest baby we ever saw. It was wearing a large brimmed ruffled bonnet so we guess that mad eit a little girl.
Will never know her name or how she looked as a grown-up.

I like to think she was the ugly duckling that grew into a beautiful elegant swan.

Thanks for the giveaway..there are new babies arriving in our family within the year so they would be put to good use.

Of course...these babies will be BEAUTIFUL!


Anonymous said...


And it's not even my aversion to kids that makes me say that. Some babies are just plain ugly.

Of course I'd NEVER say that out loud to the parents...

Carol S.

Denise said...

Yes! Without a doubt!

And to hear the parents of these squabs - they're adorable. I sometimes wonder if we are looking at the same kid.


Peggy Lee said...

Yes...but I'm expecting my first grandchild so of course it won't be one of those in question.

Anne Sans Tete said...

YES! Right after they're born...sheesh, even I was ugly! ;D

- Lisa N.

Susan said...

Apparently there are. When my second was born, the doctor turned to me and said "What a cute baby. We don't say that about every one." And in the spirit of full disclosure, I will say that my first had a face that only a mother could love when he was newly born (a tough delivery left him with a bump and a bruise). Of course, he got over that and turned into a gorgeous child! And my daughter--well, she was such a beautiful little one that people actually stopped and turned back to look at her again when we were at the mall.

Another great giveaway, but my youngest is about to leave for college and (thankfully) we don't have any grandchildren on the horizon, so no need to enter me in this one.

mainely stitching said...

I have seen ugly babies. None of them were mine, of course. ;)

Blu said...

The vast majority of babies need to be hidden until they look more human! ;)
Please let the more baby-friendly have the charts~

Cathy said...

I'm not entering the contest, but I had to give that a hell yes. My little niece Abby had a crooked nose when she was born and my sister flat out told her baby she'd pay for a nose job for her when she was older. Luckily her nose straightened out and she's a lovely, adorable girl now, but she was not at all attractive as a baby!

Kimmie said...

Yes. Yes, there are ugly babies. All you can do is hope they grow out of it. LOL

Terri M said...

Yes, babies *can* be ugly, but they always look cute in retrospect.

Lisa Clarke said...

Absolutely yes! The worst ones are the ones that you are related too!! LOL! I just smile slightly and say, "What a baby!" Everyone thinks it's a compliment! Oh, and I can be totally honest because no one in my family reads stitchy blogs, even wonderful ones like yours!!
My Best,
Lisa C.