Thursday, May 06, 2010

Quilt Skillz

Last night was my last quilting class, and I'm sad to report that I did not finish my quilt. I skipped last week's class to dine out for the dogs (a favorite restaurant was giving 15% of your bill to the fostering program I work for). And I forgot to go buy stabilizer, so I still haven't zigzagged my applique.

Because I knew I couldn't work on the quilt, I brought the sewing box to class. (Another woman had "had it" with the quilt, came to class and sat for an hour, and then left. How weird is that?)

The sewing box itself comes from a DKNY sweater my mother bought me last Christmas. Since she was in the process of moving, she requested gift wrapping and paid an exorbitant sum to get this box wrapped with a ribbon! I was going to leave the box at my sister's but my mother guilted me into taking it since she paid so much for it. In her defense, it is a pretty nice box; it has a magnetic closure and everything. In my slow-paced craft room reorganization (I need a helper*!) I decided to use it to hold sewing projects that I have cut out but not completed. And it was a smart idea, because last night I just grabbed that and knew there was something in there for me to work on.

I finished the five seams on my MIL's Amy Butler bags from last Christmas (remember, my machine clattered to a stop).

Then I finished sewing the pillow I was stitching for my aunt when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was two years ago; she is already cancer-free.

It's just so weird that I can manage to juggle ninety million tasks when I have a job--at home and at work--but I am so discombobulated when it comes to my hobby. Really, a former boss once called me "terrifyingly efficient" and used to drag me into her office twice a semester so we could reorganize it. Maybe that's why it's a hobby because if I were organized and task focused it would be work?

* It'd cost about $300 to hire a professional organizer. Should I start a fund?


Susan said...

We're supposed to finish those class projects??? Who knew? Anyway, what you've done so far on the quilt looks great--love the fabrics!

KarenV said...

I love that appliqued flower panel - so pretty!

Alice said...

The quilt looks great! I love those colours. A professional organizer only costs $300? For how long? I love neat and tidy and organized, so I would be sorely tempted...

K-G Knitter said...

My mother did a similar thing with gift boxes one year. We were spending Christmas away from home, and needed some gift boxes, and ended up spending something like $20 a box! This was Christmas 1999. Every year I still get something in one of the "Peter Jones" boxes. Mom never uses tape on them, and I always have to give it back. A decade later, we're still using them. :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

I love the quilt panel, gorgeous colors. Your Aunt will love her cushion, and how wonderful that she is now cancer free.

Monsoon said...

$300???? I will come and organize your room/stash for you for less than that!
I love organizing my stash, I do it as often as i can. (too bad the rest of my life doesn't receive that kind of passion )

Coral said...

I would have thought your younger niece who thinks the room is 'metthy' would be an ideal helper candidate!

I love your quilt, please finish it!

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