Monday, April 26, 2010

SEX in My Pajamas (Please Don't be a Dirty Person Looking for That)

On Saturday I got up at 6 am--that's before dawn--to get to the Strawberry Sampler for their sale. The earlier you arrived (beginning at 7 am) the bigger your discount. And if you wore jammies to the party, an extra percentage off. I was there in my hot pink plaid flannel pajama pants for the 25% off. I got just a little new stash--I still had part of my Christmas gift certificate:

Cat's Whiskers "What a Hoot"
Hands to Work "Love, Me" (and the Crescent Colours to stitch it)
Primitive Needle, Moon Sicke
CHS, A Mind Independent and Free
CHS, Curse of the Raven (on the $1 table!)
CHS, Sarah Spurr (also $1)
Mill Hill, Arctic Circle Santas*
Lizzie*Kate, Dog Lessons for People
JBW, Bunny Collection (love that Liberty-style bunny!)
Three large pieces of fabric: Lakeside Meadow Rue 40ct, Picture this Plus Heritage 40 ct, Lakeside Autumn Gold 32 ct
a gift for a friend (not pictured)

I still have $6 on the gift certificate, and this is the second spending spree I've had with it! I'm going to have to tell my mother it was too big! ;)

Of course, it's not like I didn't buy anything at camp. I just haven't shown it to you yet:

Ten (!) Belle Soie silks for the Bermuda pattern I bought to stitch for the dude
CHS, Friendship sampler
Shepherd's Bush, Blue Snowman kit
Tournicoton, Chicken Love

Yes, not as much as usual, even though I had a gift certificate. Mostly because I knew about the pajama sale but also because it's hard to justify spending with the current job situation.

*This is the second time I've bought those Mill Hill kits. Free shipping if you'll pay full price for them...


Catherine said...

You did great!! I wish I had a gift certificate to use. Moon Sicke is on my list - love that one!

riona said...

Still have $6 left? Talk about stewarding your resources!!

Your purchases look great

Alice said...

Nice stash shopping! You made some nice choices.

Bronny said...

ooooo...I love watching other people's stash much inspiration.
AND you have $6 left????

btw... love the MMX idea from the previous post - have already used it once! thanks!

Susan said...

I shopped at Strawberry Sampler on Saturday, too--only on-line and in my pajamas. Figured I didn't need to subject the rest of the world to my sleepwear. I'm jealous that I missed the $1 table, but I managed to do major damage to my credit card anyway.

Jenna said...

Excellent stash haul. I am not brave enough to go anywhere in pajamas. I actually have a thing about leaving the house in sweats, even if it's only to walk up to the mailbox. I can't believe you still have money left on the GC!