Friday, April 30, 2010

May Flowers

April's goals:
  • host a book party for Adrienne!--the book was read, my house was clean, the cake was fabulous, and much fun was had by all. Who cares if I had planned for us to eat home cooking on the patio? (The patio set was a shambles and we ordered in.) Big picture people. And it was fabulous meeting Adrienne.
  • camp!--I love when I put easy things on the list. I went. I saw. I conquered.
  • work on the marquoir--I undid last month's work. At least I am touching it regularly.
  • work on WIP Lilybet's Spot Sampler II--fait accompli!
  • work on WIP Hillside Sampling's Folk Art Threadkeep--I have finished the lettering. (Close up below.)
  • work on class quilt--There were a couple of classes to which I showed up embarrassingly late. Fortunately this is adult school not regular school, and I was not kicked out of the class. Though perhaps I should have been because two of my strips of squares were so "off" that I had to resew them. At camp, I found a fantastic flannel version of one of the fabrics I used on the front--and bought it all. Nothing like having a cuddly cozy flannel backing. Love!

May Goals:
  • keep stitching the threadkeep
  • keep stitching on the marquoir
  • make something for my dad's birthday**
  • start an anniversary present for the dude
  • class quilt
** The reason I chose the two Vegas charts is that it is my father's favorite place on earth. He might be going soon, if you catch my meaning.


KarenV said...

I love your progress on the thread keep, it's beautiful!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great progress on your threadkeep! You will make your dad a happy man, I'm sure, with the Vegas stitches. If I'm interpreting your meaning correctly - I hope you and your dad are coping well.

Aussie Stitcher said...

The threadkeep is looking great. Love you recent stash purchases.

Jenna said...

You are really moving on the threadkeep. Keep up the good work!

mainely stitching said...

I love this project!