Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swirly Tree

I am glad that so many of you find counting as difficult as I do. There's a fantastic part in Adrienne's book where she is casting on 357 stitches* for the start of her sweater and, it turns out, she can't count either. Do you think it's a craft-related syndrome? Who can come up with a good name for that? Come on, I have over 100 charts to give away.

Speaking of Adrienne's book, we're just over halfway filled up for the book party. Not bad considering that the invitation has only been out there for three days.

Anyhoosey, here's a link to a lovely little chart with a swirly tree. {via Craft Gossip} You know how I love swirls.

Quilting class tonight. I have cut out all my applique pieces and ripped my 1/8" seams, so I am ready to get the background sewn up tonight. Photos soon...

*And what's wrong with me that I remembered it was 357 stitches? I did confirm the number by looking in the book, but I put that number in from memory. I can remember 357 stitches for someone else's project but can't remember to add two rows to a chart I am stitching? And who can come up with a name for that?


Lee said...

You probably remember phone numbers really well, too!

Hey, will Adrienne have books available to buy? You know that I live in the middle of nowhere, right?

Anonymous said...

A name for that? Old Age!

ha, just kidding


Miriam said...

Perhaps it's the problem I have, which is that I only remember numbers not related to me. Very handy, that.

Jenna said...

Lee has a good point, will Adrienne have any books with her that I can buy, or should I just go ahead and order from Amazon today? I think you can count us in; hubby didn't seem too adverse to the prospect, as long as Pete doesn't mind another guy hanging around.

doris said...

357 stitches? Holy shit! Thinking about that makes my eye twitch. I'll think about a name for a while, but since I'm old, who knows what will happen?

Coral said...