Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Things

If you're sick of the snow, avert your eyes*.

I finished the wreath, and promptly put it up. Yup, I bumped the maribou feather heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath for the snow wreath. The neighbors are going to love the reminder that we are ass deep in snow.

If you're new here, the door color is Behr (Home Depot) Grape Leaves in semigloss.

You'll notice that I added some bling** to the snowflakes. I was inspired by my house bling:

Let's pretend that isn't a portent of danger and sign that the gutters haven't been cleaned since,well, since before we moved in. It's house bling!

Just how much snow did we get? Enough to bury the Stella:

Photo bravely taken by me in the middle of the storm.

And a Honda:

Photo taken less bravely also by me after the melt had started.

*Remember when I chaperoned the 10 year olds? When they were in the bedroom changing to go to the pool, they all kept saying, "Don't look!" And then one precocious young'un said, "Avert your eyes!" The adults in the living room cracked up and "avert your eyes" became one of those phrases we use to make each other laugh.

**They're stick on rhinestones, and I hope the stick is very sticky. We'll soon find out.


Laura Elizabeth said...

Love the wreath!

Just an FYI: House bling is usually not a good thing. Looks pretty though.

I was thinking about you yesterday whenever I interrupted my snow day knitting/tv marathon to check out the weather channel. Since you're posting you must have power - yay! - and so heat. Thankfully Stella's got a snow-grove on so finding her isn't hard. You should be able to find the Honda in a few days :)

Barbara said...

Avert your eyes, LOL. What I yell at Niek at lights-out. :0

We have got some serious house-bling going, too. If it were our house, I'd probably do something about it, but when the owner left for the Carribean last month he told us he knew the gutters weren't in perfect condition, so I figure it's his issue and not mine. Plus, he's in the Carribean for the entire winter!

mainely stitching said...

Um, that 'Barbara' is me. Two accounts gets so confusing!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love the snowflake wreath - the rhinestones are a great touch and it looks awesome against the green door (which I really, really like a lot)!

That is one massive amount of snow - I know - sort of stating the obvious but Geesh, that's a LOT of snow!

RuthB said...

Oh yes, they probably need reminding that there's snow outside. :) After all, they may have averted their eyes.

Carolyn NC said...

Cute wreath!

Annemarie said...

Very pretty snow and bling. Very gorgeous front door.

Catherine said...

Great pics! The wreath and door look good!

Jenna said...

Love the wreath. LOVE it! Can I steal it? ;) Seriously, I'm jealous of the collection of seasonal wreaths that you are building up. If I had any sort of spare time, I might think about doing that. But it would require me to acquire materials for an additional craft. Not a good idea with all of the ones I already have laying around that never get used anymore. *sigh*